Friday Favorites–Halloween

I have no idea what I’m going to do about Halloween this year.  My daughter is away at school, my son is making plans with friends, my husband is 2,827 miles away and we don’t get trick-or-treaters at our house.  The idea of sitting around by myself watching scary movies is not appealing, although the candy-eating part kinda is.  Maybe I’ll find a new, interesting tradition to start.  I’m thinking it will involve coffee, caramel and sci-fi.

I might also include these bite-sized Candy Corn Cookies from Always Expect Moore.  The method for making the candy corn shape is clever.

easy mini candy corn cookies

This ghost from Thrifty Décor Chick is one of those things that I found on Pinterest with directions that had nothing to do with the original project.  However, in this case I think Press and Seal cling wrap (the Pinterest claim) might work for a smaller version.


I have to say, this Skeleton Wreath from Tried and True freaks me right the heck out.  Yes, that’s exactly the words I used in my head.  Nearly.


Quick, something not scary!  How about this cute Candy Corn Cupcake Stand from The Swell Life?


The most awesome thing about this Halloween Bag Toss from Craftsman is that the pumpkins are attached with Velcro and can be changed out for other shapes.


I’ve seen ghosts made from cheesecloth before, but the mannequin heads inside these Cheesecloth Spirits from Martha Stewart definitely bring up the creepy factor.


This Jack ‘O Lantern Vase from Dollar Store Crafts is inexpensive, easy to make and doesn’t have any icky pumpkin guts to take out.


I’ve never said this before, and probably never will again, but isn’t Lil’ Death cute?  Check out the free printable from StitchPunk.


These cupcakes from I Don’t Know How She Does It would be a fun addition to a party and, even better, they’re raspberry filled.


These Spinning Spirits from Parents magazine would be fun to make with kids.  That is, if you can bring them down from their sugar high long enough to trust them with scissors.