Christmas in the Craft Store

I did a little shopping the day after Halloween and one of my first stops was at a department store.  I had only been there for a few minutes when I realized I was hearing Christmas music.  It wasn’t constant, maybe every third or fourth song.  This is the part where I’m supposed to shake my fist and say “Grr!  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!  Christmas starts earlier every year!”

Christmas craft store 0

Yeah, well, you’re not getting that from me.  I’m that person you see looking at the ornaments in September.  I’d watch White Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life on Thanksgiving if my daughter didn’t come unhinged every time I mention it.  Christmas music in November?  Bring it on.

Christmas craft store 1

I know a lot of you don’t agree with me.  I see you pointing and whispering while I gleefully smell every Christmas candle on the shelf while you’re shopping for Halloween costumes.  However, I think there’s one place we can find some common ground – if you’re going to make things for Christmas, it’s never too early to get started.

Christmas craft store 2

If you sew or craft, you’ve been exposed to the holidays for a few months now.  In fact, in some areas you can find things year-round.  I bought Christmas fabric in August.  And it was on sale.  But we are in full swing now, with fabric and craft stores in their full December-holiday glory.

Christmas craft store 3

All the photos shown here are from my favorite local craft store, Craft Warehouse.  They just moved into a bigger building, so it’s easy to lose even more time there than before.

Christmas craft store 4

Sometimes if I’m looking for inspiration, I just go there and walk around.  They always have lots of displays, usually for various skill levels.

Christmas craft store 5 

They’ve been carrying these clear buckets for a few years now.  Many of my daughter’s friends have received these as birthday gifts, stuffed with a pillowcase.

Christmas craft store 6

Somehow, I feel like they’re putting a little more effort into decorating them than I have.

Christmas craft store 7

By the way, I have no affiliation with Craft Warehouse, except for the good-sized chunk of my crafting budget that comes their way every year.  Case in point, I now own three of these pointy trees.  I just have to decide how I’m going to embellish them.

Christmas craft store 8

Have you started making anything Christmas-related yet?  When do you usually start your holiday crafting?


What I want my Christmas crafting to look like:

Christmas craft store 9

What it actually looks like:

Christmas craft store 10

That does it.  If you need me I’ll be making Christmas ornaments and listening to Bing Crosby.