Friday Favorites–Gifts for Guys

If you’ve ever had to buy a gift for a guy, and you don’t happen to BE a guy, you know it can be challenging.  The ones I have to shop for are downright difficult.  I think part of the reason is their hunter mentality.  If they need or want something, they go get it.  They don’t wait and hint around about it at Christmas time.  I think the trick is to find things they didn’t even know they wanted.

What guy couldn’t use a Car Kit like this one from Not Martha?  My favorite is the car and passenger silhouette on the left.


Is your guy a golfer?  Check out this Golfer’s Survival Kit from Mel Designs.  Bonus – you have to finish off four coffee drinks so you’ll have empty bottles.


Anyone can make a duct tape wallet, but how about a Duct Tape Tool Tote from Instructables user fallental?  The other option is to give him a roll of tape and the instructions and call it a kit.


Stormdrane never lets me down with his amazing paracord skills, and this Survival Tin/Playing Card EDC Paracord Pouch is no exception.


My son is becoming a bit of a knife collector, so this Wooden Folding Knife from Instructables user gg1220 would be a great gift, although he’d probably do a better job making it than I would.


I love Legos.  In fact a couple of years ago, I replaced my entire Christmas village with Legos.  I know a couple of guys who play chess who might enjoy this DIY Lego Chess Game Board and Pieces from 100 Directions.


There’s something a little masculine about this Autumn Brittle from Adventures in Cooking.  That’s not to say I would mine trying it myself…


My husband would probably tell you this Foot Warmer from Craft.Sew.Design would be more for me than for him, but if your guy happens to have icicle feet like mine, he’ll appreciate this gift.


If your guy is into bicycling, like so many are around here, he might enjoy a Bicycle Tire Belt from Etsy seller julienjaborskak.


Is your man mustachioed?  Buy him some Moustache Wax from MansFaceStuff on Etsy.


I’ll be spending tomorrow at Crafty Wonderland, a Portland art and craft sale, where I’ll be able to check out those last two in person!