Friday Favorites–Christmas

I have the Christmas decorations up.  My son braved the roof to string the outdoor lights.  The tree is in place.  I’ve spent some time listening to holiday music.  But even with all the traditions up and rolling, it just hasn’t completely felt like Christmas to me yet.  I’m pretty sure it won’t until my husband is back.  Lucky for me, I’m on my way to start the process of bringing him home.  I’m waving to you from Virginia right now.

I know that may sound a little bah-humbug, but I’m still spending plenty of time gawking at cute Christmas stuff.  One of the most adorable things I’ve seen this year is Emma’s Advent Calendar from Confessions of a Sewing Addict

emma_s advent calendar[8]

My husband’s large family is of German descent, so we all have the required Christmas Pickle ornament, or Weihnachtsgurke, complete with tag telling the legend on our trees.  Of course, it turns out it’s probably not a legend, but an American marketing ploy to sell more ornaments, but who cares when the pickle is as sweet as this one from Abby Glassenberg Design?


These Icicle Ornaments from Plastic Bottles by Cut Out and Keep are a great way to reuse some of those empties, and they look a lot like some glass icicles we put on our tree every year.


I love the nail beak on this Hummingbird Felt Ornament from Mostly Photos.


You may have seen these Faux Taxidermy Deer heads around.  I have, but I really like the fact that Know and Tell Crafts scaled this one down so it prints out on just a couple of pieces of cardstock.


This duct tape road from Miss P may not seem like a Christmas project, but as soon as I saw it I thought of my Lego Christmas village and how much it needs this road running in front of it.


This transformation of Easter dresses into Christmas dresses by Thrive is so clever. 


I have so many fabrics that would be perfect for these Fussy-Cut Polaroid Ornaments from Sew, Mama, Sew.  If you’re not familiar with the term, fussy cut just means you cut around a specific part in the fabric, like a little picture.


When I was a brand-new wife, I had a thing for cookie cutters.  I don’t know what that was about, because it’s not like I was making lots of cut-out cookies, but I still have a pretty good sized tin full of them.  These Cookie Cutter Ornaments from A Spoonful of Sugar would help me cut down my collection a bit.

Cookie Cutter Collage 2.jpg

The house we live in has a fireplace, but our last one only had a woodstove.  We hung the stockings near it, but it just wasn’t the same.  This Build Your Own Fireplace project from Over the Big Moon is a fantastic solution to that problem.


Ready or not…Christmas is coming!