Friday Favorites–Last Minute Gifts

If you’re looking for gift ideas to make this close to Christmas, you truly need something quick and easy.  Not to mention, you don’t have time to listen to me chatter, so I’ll get right to it.

If you’re looking for something for a little girl (or big girl for that matter), it doesn’t get much easier than this button hair tie from DreamPatch.

A Etsy

Sure, a jar of jelly beans isn’t a bad gift, but 1 Fine Cookie took it up a notch by covering some of them in chocolate and white chocolate.  Check out some of the flavor combinations she put together.


The kids could help decorate these Popsicle Stick Bracelets from Bespangled.


My hands are always cold this time of year.  Always.  I would love a Hand Toasty from The Crafting Fiend.


These Handmade Bath Salt Pouches from The Mother Huddle are a great solution if you need several of the same gift.


Sometimes we find ourselves searching for last-minute gifts because we just don’t know what the recipient might need.  Who doesn’t do dishes?  Just about anyone could appreciate these Fancy Dish Gloves from The Happier Homemaker.


If you need an easy gift for the little ones, how about this Fleece Scarf from Cherished Bliss?  It has hidden pockets to stow a few Legos or cars.


If you sew, you’ve got some scraps around.  These Fabric Scrap Bookmarks from The Crafty Mummy would be a great gift and help you cut down on that extra fabric.


Sometimes the best gifts are something the recipient can consume and not have to store somewhere.  This Apple Dip from Event Trender looks delicious.


Fe Fi Fo Famma shares an adorable set of printables to wrap around candy bars.  It doesn’t get much quicker or easier than that!