New Year’s Eve Memory Page

When my daughter started college in the fall, she mentioned that she thought it would be fun to write down some of the things she’s thinking, feeling and doing right now so she can look at it again when she graduates to see how she’s changed.  That’s something I’ve always wished I would have done with the kids for the new year, so I decided it’s never too late.  I made up a sheet with different prompts they can fill out, then stash away for blackmail material later.  I mean, share with them when they’re older, mature young adults.

Here’s the printable (click image to download PDF):

These are the categories I used, and what I had in mind for each.  Of course, you can interpret them any way you’d like.

  • The upper left box is for a current photo
  • Listening – music
  • Watching – TV, movies
  • Reading – books, magazines
  • Loving – important people
  • Surfing – favorite websites or online activities
  • Creating – music, art, sports, writing, etc. -  I feel like this could be a broad category
  • Enjoying – hobbies, clubs, etc.
  • Eating – favorite foods and drinks
  • Waiting – future hopes and goals
  • Admiring – people influencing their lives
  • Achieving – notable accomplishments
  • Being – a brief self-description
  • Feeling – that one’s probably self-explanatory
  • Hoping – what they’re wishing for
  • Wearing – favorite clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Believing – what they believe in

You’ll notice most of the boxes are pretty small.  I thought about spreading this over a couple of pages, but realized I had a better chance of participation if it didn’t look like I was assigning winter break homework. 

Have a safe, happy New Year!