Friday Favorites–Foxes

It’s funny that there are animal fads.  Really, I think if we were all watching from the outside, the idea of fads at all would be pretty hilarious.  We’re all little ants and one ant says “Hey, that bread crumb looks pretty good.”  Everybody runs to that crumb until someone else says “I like this one” and crumb A is abandoned for crumb B.  Mason jars are the new owl!  Or something like that.

Forgive my rant.  I’m just as guilty as anyone of succumbing to whatever is of the moment.  Before Christmas, I saw something adorable that had a fox on it.  I don’t remember what it was, but I do remember that I liked it and now want something with a fox on it.  Yep, I’m queen of the ants.

This DIY Fox Scarf from Prudent Baby looks warm.  I love the fox-colored plaid fabric.


I love bookplates, but somehow I’ve never had any.  I might have to remedy that with these from By Wilma.


If you’re a fox fan, but not a DIYer, check out this Fox Pillow Cover from maureencracknell on Etsy


These Felt Fox Pockets from CathGrace are adorable on the coat she made, but could be added to a pre-made coat as well.


Maybe you want to be a fox yourself?  Try these fox ears from Sew Wrong.  I won’t judge.


These clever Fox Face Cookies from The Bearfoot Baker start out with a star.


If you happen to be one of those lucky people with a Silhouette cutter, try out their Fox Sewing Pattern.


Curious and Catcat used three different fabrics to give this Little Fox Rattle more textural interest for baby.


This hand-stitched fox from How Did You Make This is impressive, but if you really want to be wowed watch the video showing the 10 hours it took to make compressed into 2 minutes.


Don’t Eat the Paste shares a fox coloring page based on her Spoonflower fabric design.


Valentine’s Day is coming, so it’s the perfect time for these Foxy Valentine Favors from P.S. Blog.


We’ve been through owls, octopi, foxes…any guess what the new “It” animal will be?