Protect Your Tech Design Challenge

I was asked by Earth911, a great website focused on creating less waste and finding ways to use things in new ways, to participate in their Protect Your Tech Design Challenge this month.  The goal was to make a carrier or case for an electronic device using recycled or repurposed materials.  You know how you’re full of great ideas until you’re asked to think about something specific, then totally draw a blank?  That was me for a while. Eventually it came to me.  My red coat!  I still had some leather and a couple of small buttons left and I’d been wanting to make something to hold my smart phone anyway.  I managed to scavenge all of the other pieces from my “I’m saving this because I might use it later” box, so the only part of it that’s new is the thread.

Reuse Design Challenge 1

It turned out exactly the way I pictured, and holds my phone perfectly.

Reuse Design Challenge 3

I think my favorite part of it is the flower I cut out from the leather.

Reuse Design Challenge 2

In case you didn’t catch the "Challenge” part of this, it’s a competition between me and 8 amazing craft bloggers, determined by your vote.  If you’d like to participate, visit the Earth911 website here and click the circle next to your favorite project on the 11th page of the slide show.  Voting closes on January 30th.

Of course, I’ll be sharing the tutorial for this little bag with you, but I have to wait until the challenge is over.  Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion!