Friday Favorites–Pink

I have a tumultuous relationship with the color pink.  One day we’re best buds, the next I don’t want it anywhere near me.  It doesn’t help that my daughter doesn’t like it.  At.  All.  It’s unavoidable as Valentine’s Day rolls in though, and I love a good pink craft in February as much as anyone.

I love the idea of this Giant Paper Rose from Green Wedding Shoes as a bridal bouquet.  I know the word whimsical is overused when it comes to crafts, but in this case it just fits – in a good way.


There is nothing more enticing than a recipe that only uses a couple of inexpensive ingredients.  Except fudge.  Strawberry 2 Ingredient Fudge from Cookies and Cups.  Oh yeah, that’s happening.


I like the unique pocket structure on this Paulie Pocket Top from Lladybird.


Even my daughter might be won over by these pink Geberas from Oddknit.

A little paint and an inexpensive vase and you could have a Little Miss Pinky Vase like this one from C.W. Frosting.


This Watermark Tee from Ucreate would be a fun kid craft, but I wouldn’t mind wearing this one myself.


The pattern for this girliest of girly pink crowns can be found at Stitch 11.


And every princess needs a Wind Wand, like this one from An Everyday Story.


I want to have a party, just so I have an excuse to make these Paper Lanterns from Living on the Crafty Side of Life.


Speaking of parties, it doesn’t get any more pink than this Pinkalicious Birthday Party from Seven Thirty Three.


That did it.  Now I’m in a cotton candy pink mood.