New Fabric

I just added some new fabrics to my Etsy page today.  After the holidays deplete my stock, it’s always fun to go out shopping and see what’s new.  I don’t need much of an excuse to head to the fabric store.

I loved this camera print so much I emptied the bolt. 


Black prints on black are always popular, so I added a couple of new ones, including one for the music lovers out there.


This one reminds me spring is around the corner.


I found a few new basics that go with many of the prints I already have.






Purple, green and turquoise look so much better together than they sound like they would.


I love the swirliness of the waves on this blue.


I already had a zebra print, but this one has a completely different feel.


I just thought these road signs were kind of fun.


I ordered this from Spoonflower.  It’s not as black as I would like (which, in all fairness, they mention in their FAQ) but it’s a good charcoal print.


This typewriter key print is one of my favorites.  I’ve actually looked at this one several times before.


I also took the plunge last week and opened a little shop on Meylah.  So far it’s the same things I have on Etsy, but you might want to keep an eye on it.  I may decide to mix things up a little and add some things to Meylah that aren’t on Etsy yet!

Last, but not least, I also wanted to show you my new display mannequin.  It’s a bronze color right now, but when the weather cooperates I’m going to tape off the green leaves and spray paint the rest black.  I ordered this through Amazon, and really didn’t have high expectations for the price, but it’s solidly built and beautiful in person!

Swirly Dress Form - Crafty Staci

Happy Monday!