Friday Favorites–Crafty Staci Top Ten 2013

After writing this blog for three years now, I’ve learned a few things.  Don’t talk too much.  Be as clear and simple as possible with instructions.  Take good photos.  I’m still working on that last one.

Another thing I’ve learned is that I can’t predict what’s going to be popular.  Some of the things that have taken me the most time and work have been less popular than things that were so simple I almost didn’t even write about them here.  I don’t guess anymore.  If I want to make it, I make it.  If I make it, I write about it.  Simple as that.

My favorites this week aren’t so much my favorites as your favorites.  These are the top ten most popular posts from Crafty Staci over the last three years.  I’m not surprised by some, others floor me. 

10.  Passport Wallet

This was one of the first patterns I drafted myself.  I was asked by another blogger to be a guest (thanks again Always Expect Moore!) and this was the project I contributed.  I’ve been able to use my wallet a couple of times now, so I’m due for a new one, right?

Passport Wallet

9.  Felt and Wire Angel

This is one of those things I was talking about that I almost didn’t even post.  I didn’t make it because I needed it, it just popped into my head and I wanted to see how it would turn out.  Lesson learned.

Felt and Wire Angel

8.  Ribbon Candy Ornaments

I have so many of these now that if I make any more it will have to be as gifts.  Easy and fun, just like a craft should be.

Ribbon Candy Ornaments

7.  Make Your Own Tags

When I first started making things for my Etsy store, it didn’t even occur to me to include tags.  Now, I put them on everything.

Make Your Own Labels

6.  Ninja Monkey Bag

I have made SO many of these bags.  My daughter has been through three of them herself and we’ve made them for many of her friends.  And we still love this pattern.

Ninja Monkey Bag

5.  Fabric Flowers

This is a flower I created for use on the Ninja Monkey Bag, but it took on a life of its own and has been used for lots of other things.

Fabric Flower

4.  Microwave Homemade Caramels

Not a decent photo in the bunch on this one, but these really are easy and delicious.

Microwave Homemade Caramels

3.  Creamer Bottle Snowman

This little guy made me want to be a craft blogger, so I’m pretty happy to see him sitting up here at number 3.

Coffee Creamer Snowman

2.  Robin Hood Hats

I hear from readers about this pattern more than any other.  This hat has been used for Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Green Arrow, Prince Phillip, Prince Charming, Pinocchio, the Woodsman and the Pied Piper.  It’s been in plays, to renaissance fairs, on a pub crawl in England and to Carnaval in Brazil.  But the most rewarding thing for me is all the comments from brand-new sewers about how easy this was to make and that it gave them the confidence to try other projects.  That’s what it’s all about.

Robin Hood Hat

1.  Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves

I didn’t think anyone would care when I posted this.  Lots of people before me had shared their version of a coffee cozy, wrap, sleeve, whatever you prefer to call it.  But this little thing is in the number one slot by a HUGE number.  Works for me – it’s one of my favorites too.

Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves

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