Friday Favorites - Gingham

I smell a spring trend coming.  Maybe it’s me, but everywhere I look lately, there’s gingham.  It could be that I just want an excuse to need it.  I don’t know how, I don’t know where, but there will be gingham in my house before autumn makes its appearance. There is a difference between gingham and buffalo plaid.  Something to do with the number of colors and/or scale.  I’m calling it all gingham today.  Try and stop me.

When I was a kid, I learned how to cross stitch on a piece of gingham.  The squares were the perfect canvas, and the effect was cute.  This Smocking with Gingham from Martha Stewart works a bit the same way.


These Gingham Stars from A Spoonful of Sugar were originally meant for Christmas, but I don’t see why they have to be restricted to the holidays.

Gingham Stars 5    .jpg

Gingham on the wall sounds a little overwhelming, but the subtle way Southern Living pulls if off is beautiful.


How about edible gingham?  These Easy Gingham Cookies from Glorious Treats are adorable.

Gingham cookies

The bit of gingham peeking out from the invitation envelopes on The Wedding Post of Arkansas is just right.

gingham - frolic

If you want to go full-on gingham, check out this Gingham Birthday Party from Kara’s Party Ideas.


Or, for just a little gingham at your party, try this Vintage Summer Gingham Bunting from A Pretty Cool Life.


Although I rarely paint my nails, I love all the creative options that are out there now, like The Gingham Accent Nail from The Beauty Department.


I would so happily wear this Gingham Scarf with Scalloped Edge from Make My Day Creative.


I have a big dining room table my husband built for me a few years ago.  The top is beautiful wood, and I try to protect it.  I want to make a thin quilt to use as a table cloth, but hadn’t found a pattern I was in love with yet.  I think the search is over because this quilt from Crazy Mom Quilts would be absolutely perfect.


Fun fact:  I typed the word “gingham” about a thousand times while I was writing this and did not once spell it correctly on my first try.  Not even just now.


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coffee sleeve and lens cap pocket - Crafty Staci