Friday Favorites–Clocks

Daylight savings time begins early Sunday morning.  I had to look at my calendar to verify that, because I can never remember if we start it or end it in the spring.  I wouldn’t mind if they did away with the whole time change thing all together, but since that probably won’t happen I’ll take the extra hour of daylight in the evening.  It makes me feel like spring might show up eventually.

Since we’re talking about changing the clocks, I thought this was a great time to share a few I’ve found.  I’ll start with these amazing clocks made by Estonian artist Pavel Sidorenko from old records.  For those of you born too late to know what a record is, it’s pre-iTunes, pre-CD, pre-cassette tapes, pre-8-track tape, post-banging rocks with sticks.


I like the simplicity of this handmade clock from Say Yes to Hoboken.  The fabric and embroidery options are endless.


Will you just look at this Crochet O’Clock from According to Matt?  If this doesn’t say spring, I don’t know what does.


I have a cheapo clock in my sewing room right now, but when it dies I think I need this Monochrome Mini Button Wall Clock from Etsy seller themasonbee.


This pot lid-to-clock recycling effort from Precious Sister is a home run. 


I need a clock outside.  If it happens to be sunny and I go out in the yard I lose all track of time.  There isn’t enough sunscreen in the world to keep my whiteness from turning lobster if I’m not careful.  This Colorful Outdoor Clock from Mom’s Crafty Space would even match some of the flowers.

Graphic Outdoor Clock 01

This DIY Chrysanthemum Clock from That’s What {Che} Said would be a great solution if you wanted a large clock somewhere that couldn’t support a lot of weight.


Who knew you could make a DIY Cuckoo ClockEver Kelly shows you how.


Here’s a project for you Instagramers out there.  I love that the photos on this DIY Instagram Photo Clock from Honest to Nod depict what this kindergartener might be doing at that time of day.


So, you do need a laser cutter to make this Crazy Numbers Clock from schoomaroo on Instructables, but that just makes me want the clock AND the tool.


Don’t forget to spring forward this weekend!