Friday Favorites–Creative Planters

I love the way the outdoors looks this time of year.  Flowers are starting to bloom, the leaves on the trees are unfurling and it’s still raining so it all stays green and healthy.  It’s always right about now when I get an urge to plant something in a container, but that little voice in my head says “Really?  You want to add to the plant body count around here?  You know as soon as it stops raining, that thing is a goner.”  When they make a plant that will water itself and not rely on me, it might stand a chance.

Around here, we’re wearing rain boots about now, but if you have some that have been outgrown or are no longer a pair, try these cute planters from Rosy~Posy.


I love the mini tiered garden effect created by this Tackle Box Garden from More Design Please.


We’re planning to replace the gutters on our house in the next year or so.  I might have my husband save the old ones so I can make this DIY Vertical Garden with Reclaimed Gutters from Green Upgrader.


All that clear, beveled glass makes these old ceiling fixtures perfect for planters.  Design Sponge shows you how.


We’ve all seen old tires used as planters, but there’s something special about the way they’re used in this park in Peru.  They almost look like you could sit on them.  Shared by Wallace Gardens.


Just…wow.  Click through to see this Mobile Garden Dress from Foodtree on an actual human model.


We’ve pulled a few sinks out of our house, and although ours were lovely 70’s shades of avocado and light blue, they might still make great planters.  Cherry Hill Cottage set hers on top of a sewing machine stand.


These Baby’s Tears in Muffin Tins from Country Living would make great centerpieces for an outdoor event.


If it’s still a little too cold to think about planting outside where you are, try this Indoor Terrarium, made using a fishbowl, from SheKnows.


Using tea cups as planters is an idea that’s been around for a long time, but the addition of the Tea Bag Plant Markers from At Home on the Bay is genius.


Just so you know, I think my lack of gardening skills has skipped a generation.  My daughter was given a bamboo plant for her birthday over a year and a half ago and it’s still alive.  She forgot to take it back to school with her when she left after spring break, and is worried I’ll kill it in the 5 days until she’s here again.  Nothing green is safe with me.