Friday Favorites–Glass

A week or so ago, I posed a question on Facebook asking for any Friday Favorites topics readers would like to see.  In between the crickets, my own sister piped up with two great ideas.  One was the planters I shared last week, and the other was glass, which happens to be one of my favorite crafting mediums.  One of these days soon, I’ll show you some of my stained glass.  Until then, thanks to my sister, here are some glass crafts.  If you’re anything like me, have some band-aids handy.

This first craft is incredibly simple, but I really like the contrast of the shiny glass to the rustic jute rope.  Crafted Spaces shows you how to make this Recycled Glass Bottle Vase for yourself.


I like how this Wall Hung Test Tube Vase from Dream a Little Bigger spreads the bouquet out horizontally so you can see the individual flowers better.


If you’d like to make this lovely vase from Hannas Sjarmerende Gjenbruk, you should probably grab this style of light bulb while you still can.  I wish I had napkin rings that were this pretty to use too!


By now, you’ve probably seen the glass staining methods using Mod Podge or glue and food coloring.  They’re pretty, but you can’t actually put any water in them.  These Stained Bottles from Design Folder require actual glass paint, but once they’re dry you can put anything inside.


Homework did a great job imitating milk glass with her DIY Faux Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass tutorial.

Hobnail 5[6]

I would take these Bottles to Vases from Can Can Dancer a step further by cutting the bottoms off and using them to cover a small candle.  The light shining through the blue stripes would be pretty.


I love everything about this Glass Tile Tree Mosaic from Happy Hour Projects.  I clearly need to find some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, now that I know it exists.


I will be trying this technique from trickygirlb on Crafster to make crackled marbles.  My only concern is having them explode in the oven.  Extreme crafting, anyone?


Living in the woods, as we do, we have a lot of birds hanging around.  I think they need a Wine Bottle Bird Feeder like this one from Chicken Street


Mercury glass is everywhere right now.  17 Apart shows you how to make it yourself.

DIY Antique Mercury Glass

It looks like my next project will be to, ahem, empty a few bottles.  It’s my duty as a crafter to reuse containers whenever possible, and not waste the contents.  Right?