Friday Favorites–Crafting in the Hardware Store

I’m amazed at the creative uses people come up with for things found in the hardware store.  The best part is, if you buy your supplies there, rather than a craft store, they usually cost less.  Here’s a few projects from people who’ve clearly spent as much time there as I have, staring at aisles of endless home improvement projects.  I mean craft supplies.

DIY Napkin Rings from Be What We Love

From the hardware store:  PVC pipe, Dremel tool, sandpaper


DIY Neon Rope Belt from My Bloggable Day

From the hardware store:  rope, carabiner


Boys’ Hardware Accessories from House of Joyful Noise

From the hardware store:  nuts, washers


Cupcake Ring from Shades of Tangerine

From the hardware store:  wooden plug, super glue

cupcake ring 1

Boxes from Paint Swatches from How About Orange

From the hardware store:  paint swatches


Sewing Organizers from Sew Many Ways

From the hardware store:  wall corner protector

bobbin holder_6409

Hardware Stamps from Daisy Yellow

From the hardware store:  tiny washers, plastic piping, sprinkler connectors, wood

101125_stampg_0004 copy

Restyle a Goodwill Clock from ModHomeEc

From the hardware store:  wood shims, wood stain, paint, epoxy, clamps


DIY Tray from Auto Glass from The Flourishing Abode

From the hardware store:  auto glass, copper plumbing feet


Love Connection Wood Sign from SAS Interiors

From the hardware store:  L-bracket, pipe clamp, screws, picture wire, nails, wood