Friday Favorites–Mother’s Day

I was born on Mother’s Day.  Being a mother myself for the past 20ish years, I generally get to celebrate a bit more than most, as my birthday and Mother’s Day tend to blend into one another.  Yes, you can go ahead and feel sorry for my poor family.

If you’re looking for a gift you can make for a mom, it doesn’t get much easier than this Rice Bag Feet Warmer from V and Co.  All moms have cold feet, right?  It’s not just me?

2009 02 12_5017_edited-1 copy

If your mom is a bird watcher, check out this Acorn Bird Feeder from Tried and True.  It’s made using a thrifted wooden bowl and some basic hardware.


These Little Paper Houses from Just Something I Made would make a great container for a gift, but they’re cute enough to just be the gift.


If she’s a coffee or tea drinker, try these Vanilla Sugar Cubes from Chica and Jo for your mom.  Don’t make them too pretty though, or she’ll just leave them in a bowl because you made them and they’re too nice to eat.


I love a good scent, whether it’s a candle, flower or perfume, so I wouldn’t mind receiving this Solid Perfume from Bloom, Bake and Create.


Succulents are all the rage right now, but some of us can even kill those low-maintenance plants (ahem).  If your mom falls into my that category, try this Hanging Succulent Garden from Addicted to Decorating.  The secret?  Pistachio shells.


Moms have to carry stuff.  It’s just a fact.  That stuff changes as the kids grow up, but there’s always something.  This Double Flap Pouch from All Wrapped Up would be a good place to stick a few basic first aid supplies.  My “baby” is 17, so that’s where we are on the stuff chain.

double flap coin pouch

I can think of several fabric prints that are on my shelf right now that would be great for this Fabric Pendant from Momtastic.


If mom’s a gardener this Summer Blooms Garden Apron from Garden Therapy makes a great gift.  If she’s a gardener-wannabe, like me, at least she’ll look nice while she’s practicing her watering skills.