Friday Favorites–My Birthday 2013

Since tomorrow is the day to celebrate my entrance into the world a few years ago, instead of my normal round-up of crafty goodness I’m going to share some stuff I like.  Just because I can.  I get a little princessey on my birthday – just ask my husband. We bought a brand-new Jeep a couple of months ago, which I absolutely love, but I might be willing to give it up for this Wonder Woman Kia Sportage.  The funny thing is, my daughter drives a black Kia Soul with a big Batman symbol on the hood.  How great would those look together in the driveway?


I had my ears pierced for the first time when I was nine years old, in the bathroom at my house with almost-pointy-enough earrings.  For the next nine years, I wore any earrings I wanted with no issues whatsoever.  I even got a second row of piercings somewhere in there.  The day I turned 18 I went and had a third piercing added to my left ear.  That was the day I developed an allergy to nickel, but only in my ears.  It’s only gotten worse since then, to the point I can now only wear stainless steel earrings.  Fortunately, Etsy seller LaraOwensArt has some beautiful options for me.  And she’s in Florence, Oregon, which is where I spent my honeymoon!


When we remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago, we included a double oven and I’m very glad we did.  It’s been really useful, especially for parties.  The one flaw is that there are two ovens, but one control panel with one timer.  I’m always scrambling to find the little timer that gets thrown in the drawer.  This Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer at ThinkGeek is so pretty I could just leave it out on the counter.


I only discovered Fiesta dishware a few years ago, but my kitchen cabinets are pretty full of it already.  Since we’re hosting our daughter’s wedding at our house next year, I think some larger serving pieces are in order.  I love this new color, so that might just be my excuse.


My feet are always cold.  Combine that with track season spent out in the weather watching my son and these Heated Rechargeable Insoles from Bass Pro Shops are almost a necessity.

ThermaCell insoles

I used to always order meat well-done.  I didn’t want to see even a hint of pink.  One day I got brave and ordered seared tuna and realized I’d been completely wrong about myself.    Since then, I’ve also discovered I have a love for sushi and I can almost wield a set of chopsticks without embarrassing myself.  These Rainbow Chopsticks from the MoMA Store would be perfect with my Fiesta dishes.


I absolutely hate to have to rip out a seam when I’m sewing, but this Seam Ripper with Retractable Blade from Gingher is sexy enough to make it almost bearable.


I don’t have an official, down-in-writing bucket list, but one of the things I’d like to do before it all comes to a screeching halt is to visit all 50 states.  This USA Scratch Map from Perpetual Kid would be a fun way to keep track.


I have a tattoo.  I got it for one of my big round birthdays.  In Las Vegas, no less.  While that sounds kind of impulsive on the face of it, I actually spent months in planning.  I drew the design, got one of my artistic sisters to help me clean it up, worked out placement, researched tattoo establishments, spoke to the one I chose on the phone and talked to artists when I got there until I found The One.  I’m pretty wild.  The one thing I didn’t consider beforehand is that with my immune system disease, getting a tattoo was pretty risky, so I won’t be getting any more ink.  However, I still love the style, so I’ll just have to find other places for it besides my skin.  This Flight of Imagination design from Urban Threads (currently in their Freebie section) might find it’s way onto a shirt or bag.


Apparently I’m never going to get tired of cookie dough.  If my hips didn’t like it so much too, I could probably eat it every day.  I can’t believe the Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook even exists, and I want it.  Badly.

Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook

I’m off to see what kind of trouble I can get into tomorrow.  Have a fantastic Mother’s Day this weekend!