Friday Favorites–Lego

When I was a kid, Legos were at the top of my Christmas list.  When I finally got a set, they became one of my favorite toys.  I haven’t changed all that much.  I loved playing with them with my own kids, and a few years ago replaced my Christmas village with Lego.  The best part is that they’re easy to store and we get to rebuild them every year.  We add to it often, so it now includes a police station, several houses, a toy shop and lots of people. Since my son-in-law-to-be is a firefighter, I’ll be adding a fire station soon.  You never know when your plastic house might ignite from your plastic barbeque sitting too close to it.

If you’ve ever had Legos in your house, you’ve stepped on one.  It’s likely you’ve also had to fish them out of the vacuum.  Make your little builder one of these Lego Sacks from Make It Perfect.  It spreads out as a mat for play, then draws up into a bag for storage, keeping all those little pieces together where they belong.


For those times when your Legos need to travel, check out this Lego Carrying Case from Crazy Little Projects.  Besides the fact that it’s just generally useful and cute, I love two things about this:  there’s a place for instruction manuals and that ninja fabric is adorable.


At first glance, this Lego Mini Figure Holder from She’s Crafty looks like an ordinary shelf.  However, there’s a row of Lego strips on each shelf, so all those guys won’t fall off!


Another storage option for Legos is the bin method.  obSeussed made these Lego-worthy storage containers using packaging from bulk snacks.

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This Lego-inspired Block Bag from Etsy seller luxfordst would be a perfect gift for the grown-up Lego fan.


This DIY Lego Key Holder from Instructables user kate12345 is crazy simple, but kinda brilliant.


I.  Need.  This.  I found this Lego sewing machine on two different blogs.  The original was from Such Designs


…and the other is from 2 Little Superheroes, and was inspired by the one above.  I like both for different reasons.  I have two real sewing machines, so two Lego versions seems appropriate.

These Lego Hair Clips from Etsy seller MissCourageous would be a perfect way for your girl to show her love for Legos.


This Lego Pencil Holder tutorial from Estéfi Machado is written in Portuguese, but I don’t think you’ll need that translate button.  The photos say it all.


There’s plenty of Lego art out there, but I was especially fascinated by the red dress in this collaborative piece between sculptor Nathan Sawaya and photographer Dean West, shared on Designboom.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend!