Friday Favorites–Kid Stuff

If you have kids, they’re probably either already done with school for the year or are about to be.  When mine were small, I had mixed feelings about that.  I loved having them around, but the ability to get some basic things done without dragging them along or trying to keep them entertained was appealing too.  All I can tell you parents of little ones is this:  don’t blink because before you know it, summer just means they want to take the car more often.  I can shop for groceries all day long any day of the week now, all by myself.  Sniff.

I think we have the double whammy of the movies Brave and The Hunger Games to thank for this, but bows and arrows are everywhere.  That’s okay with me because I love archery, but you might not want to start the kidlets out with a compound bow.  Try this PVC Bow and Arrow from Skip to my Lou instead.


That one still too much for your little Robin Hood?  Maybe this Tiny Bow and Arrow from The Brooding Hen is more his or her speed.

Bow and Arrow 5

Messy as it is, I’ve always been a big fan of clay, modeling compound, dough, whatever you call it in your house.  Sure, it was a tough when I was an OCD little kid and didn’t want the colors to get mixed together.  See how Probably Actually has the whole rainbow, all spread out in color order and not touching each other?  That’s how you do it.


Always Expect Moore has another creative use for play dough.  As part of a pirate-themed party, the guests got to dig for buried treasure in these little cups of dough, called Treasure Islands.  Shiver me timbers!

1 treasure island pirate party fun game

Hurry, before we stop using paper money altogether and use our phones to pay for everything!  Bloesem Kids has a cute idea for play money to teach kids how to use currency.  So they can tell their grandkids what it was.


According to the calendar, it’s nearly summer.  According to my thermometer and windows, it’s 53 degrees and raining.  Warm weather will show up eventually though, and these Freeze Pop Holders from Smilemonsters will come in handy.  I can’t wait.


This Close Your Clothes activity book from Forty-Two Roads is completely adorable.  It even includes a poem for each page.


What’s more fun to play with than dice?  Giant Dice, like these from CraftBits.


I have a boy, therefore, I have dealt with a lot of holey jeans.  I wish I would have found this cute idea from By MiekK when he was small.  Every pair of pants he owned would have had a different monster.

monster kneepatch6

Disneyland has a rule about costumes, and that rule is you can only wear one in the park if you’re a kid.  Whenever we’re there on a hot day, I always feel particularly sorry for those little people, knowing those costumes are made from synthetic fibers and they are far toastier than the rest of us.  These Disney princess themed tops from Crafterhours are a perfect solution.  Cool and cute, like every princess is.