Friday Favorites–Road Trip

When it comes to vacations, I love a good road trip.  I’ve traveled by boat, plane and train, but there’s just something about seeing the sights from your own car.  You can stop whenever you feel like it and you’re surrounded by all your own stuff.  And you certainly can’t threaten to tie your children to the top of an airplane if they misbehave.

The best way I know of avoiding having to yell in the general direction of the back seat is by keeping those passengers busy.  This DIY Travel Lap Tray from Prudent Baby covers that base, and even folds up for easy carrying.


An actual barrier of some kind helps prevent the whole “She’s touching me” issue.  The organizer portion of this Travel Organizer and Seat Protector from Pickup Some Creativity would serve nicely, not to mention keep the inside of the car clean.


When we took our kids on our 16 state road trip a few years ago, one of the smartest things we did was bring our pillows from home.  Everyone slept better, which made us all happy travelers.  These Road Trip Pillowcases from Amazing Mae takes that idea up a step.

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Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in it, you want your car looking its best for your trip.  I didn’t even know you could do this, but check out this interior upgrade from A Stepping Stone.

Photo Aug 18, 11 52 29 AM

Chances are, if you take a road trip you’re going to come across more than one flavor of weather.  On our trip, we had rain, lightning, wind, hail, snow and of course, sun.  In August.  Since you won’t necessarily be wearing your shades the whole time, this Sunglass Case from Vintage Zest might come in handy.


Even strapped in the safety of your car, there’s bound to be an injury or two.  Be prepared with this Portable First Aid Kit from Positively Splendid.


I never travel without at least a spool of thread and a needle.  It’s come in handy more times than I can count.  This little kit from Handmade Harbour is small, but can still carry enough for not only emergencies, but a little recreational sewing as well.

sewing kit tutorial

This Road Trip Date from Dating Divas includes fun printables for snacks and activities during your trip, but also includes a cute countdown for looking forward to getting away.