Friday Favorites–Outdoor Living

This is my back yard.

My Backyard - Crafty Staci

You can see our deck rail on the lower left, and beyond that is a steep, heavily wooded hill leading down to the Sandy River.  If a few trees disappeared, we could see Mt. Hood to the right.  We are regularly treated to the appearance and sounds of wildlife, and falling asleep to the rushing river is wonderful.  Needless to say, we love it. 

Like all families, we’re busy, but we really enjoy finding time to spend out on our deck.  Sometimes that involves sitting, so this Outdoor Sectional from More Like Home would definitely come in handy.


We have some cushioned outdoor furniture, so I’m going to keep these Reversible Patio Chair Cushions from Make It and Love It filed away for the future.


There’s something special about eating outdoors, so we try to do it when we can.  This Watermelon Grill from SheKnows is adorable and would make a fun picnic table centerpiece.


Living near the water, sometimes the bugs won’t give us a break when we try to eat al fresco, so this Casserole Carrier from 2 Little Hooligans would come in handy for protecting our food.

house 015 copy

We don’t get much wind living on the hillside, but it does kick up occasionally.  These clip-on fish weights from Kalinka would be great for keeping the picnic tablecloth from disappearing over the cliff.


It’s not all about sitting and eating though.  Sometimes we go outside to play.  I don’t have a good excuse for it at the moment, but I still love this DIY race car track from Better Homes and Gardens.


A lot of outdoor fun involves water, and let’s face it, sometimes the cutest bathing suit in the store is a bikini.  But what if you want something a little more?  Turn that bikini into a tankini with this tutorial from Crystelle Boutique.


I remember going camping once when my daughter was a baby, and we didn’t remember to bring anything to lay her down on or in.  It turned into a whole weekend of passing her around.  This Hula Hoop Dome Tent from Obsessively Stitching would have been a good solution to our problem.


Even here in the woods it gets hot.  I’ve seen these neck coolers before using special crystals for cooling, but what I love about this one from Stop Staring and Start Sewing is that it uses ordinary ice cubes.


My husband is pretty addicted to Words with Friends.  I think we need to find out if he can stomp us all so easily with a live-action version, like this one from Constantly Lovestruck.


If you need me, I’ll be outside!