Friday Favorites–Concrete

When we remodeled our kitchen, we got a quote for granite countertops.  Basically, it came down to giving up some of the appliances we wanted or one of the kids’ college educations, so we started looking for an alternative.  My husband had watched a show where they had made concrete countertops, so he decided to try it.  Yep, he’s that guy.

The worst that could happen would be we’d have to use something else if it didn’t turn out, but once he starts a project he rarely fails.  Don’t tell him I said that…I don’t want him getting a big head.  Since our kitchen and dining room were already gutted, he poured them in the dining room.  They were extremely heavy, so he moved them into place with an engine hoist.  They came out beautifully, and after a few years I can tell you they’re holding up very well.  And the entire kitchen cost us less than $300.  Yes, you read that right.  Needless to say, I’m now a big fan of concrete.

Our next concrete project is replacing our driveway.  We plan to use the broken concrete that’s there now to build a fire pit.  This fire bowl from Bold Beautiful Brainy would be a nice way to bring the idea closer to the house.


Speaking of fire, these Concrete Candles from A Subtle Revelry seem like the perfect solution to your candles tipping over at an outdoor event.


Can you believe there’s a lawn chair under this mosaic by Waschbear Designs?!?

weaving 012

My front porch is concrete, but it needs some love.  This staining treatment from Beneath my Heart might be just what it needs.


The birds around here would appreciate this Easy Concrete Birdbath from GardenStew.  If I only had a leaf that big!


If I hadn’t just made glass bookends, I’d have to go with this concrete version from Chez Larsson.  The letter is a nice touch.


You don’t need an expensive mold to make concrete accessories.  Brit and Co shows how to make pendant lamps using plastic bottles.


I need this Concrete iPad Stand from Instructables user CHENG Concrete.  I would put it in my kitchen, on my concrete counter, to hold my tablet when I’m reading a recipe from it.  Someone is going to have to hint about this one to my hubby.


Do you have any concrete ideas?  Bwah, ha, ha!