Friday Favorites–Glitter

I’m here today to talk to you about the scourge of the crafting world – glitter.  All you have to do is consider opening a jar of the sparkly stuff, and it’s everywhere for eternity.  Obnoxious, yes.  But think about that first valentine from the cute boy in grade school.  It wouldn’t have been nearly so sweet if he hadn’t coated it in ten pounds of glitter.  You know his mom is STILL finding debris from that one.

My point is, glitter has a bad reputation from the process of applying it and it’s determination to not stay where it’s put.  But it just adds a little something special to a project and let’s face it, most of us like sparkle sometimes.

Since I talked about concrete last week, we’ll start with a project that bridges the gap.  Crafty Chica shows how to Glitter a Concrete Floor.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get my husband on board with this one.


I love that these little Barbie Shoe Earrings from Cut Out and Keep look like Dorothy’s ruby slippers.


Need a low-mess solution for a kid that likes to glitter stuff?  Check out these glitter crayons from Minieco.


If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, or the house needs to be cleaned anyway, try this Galaxy Playdough from Instructables user Fairy Dust Teaching.


The great thing about these Glitter Balloons from Domestic Charm is that the glitter is contained inside.  Until it pops.


If you’re going to get the glitter out anyway, why not make the most of it?  Craft Test Dummies reviewed the book 101+ Things to Do with Glitter by Momtaz Begum-Hossain and found it’s worth a look.


Sometimes you want just a small amount of sparkle.  Try the Handmade Glitter Tape from Pugly Pixel.  Outside.


My most recent pair of sunglasses has little sparkles on the side.  I mean, you’re wearing them out in the sun!  If yours came glitter-free, La Vie en Rose shows you how to spice them up.


I’ll admit, I kinda love this Glitter Glassware from Inspire, Design and Create.  It’s the perfect amount of sparkle and color, and it would be easy to tell which glass was yours.  Also – washable!


My daughter is a fan of Tom’s, so I might have to sneak into her closet to try these DIY Glitter Toms from Lil Blue Boo.


Remember, never get into the glitter without protection.  You know, cover the table, wear some gloves, that kind of stuff.  Glitter is forever.