Chai Tea Concentrate

I printed this recipe for chai tea concentrate from Tasty Kitchen well over two years ago.  I’ll get to why it took me so long to try it in a minute, but first I’ll address why I needed it.  My kids LOVE iced chai, and I’ve been buying the cartons of Oregon Chai concentrate from Costco.  It’s delicious, but kind of expensive and they can go through it in no time.  When I found this recipe, I realized not only might I be ahead financially making it myself, but I’d know exactly what went into it. Chai Tea Concentrate - Crafty Staci 1

The first reason I didn’t try it right away was the fact that some of the ingredients weren’t things I keep on hand.  I thought they would be difficult to find.  Reason number two is that I didn’t like the thought of having to try to strain it after it was done brewing.  I’ve never had good luck with that.

Turns out, the ingredients weren’t difficult to find and weren’t particularly expensive.  I made it home with everything I needed except the nutmeg, which I found but forgot to pick up.  I ended up using ground instead.  There was still that straining issue though.

Chai Tea Concentrate - Crafty Staci 2

I decided I would put all the ingredients into a coffee filter and tie the top closed, but I was concerned about throwing it into the pot and some of the spices, especially the ones that were ground, finding their way out.  To solve that issue, I left the string long, wrapped it around a wooden spoon and laid the spoon over the top of the pot.  That way I could control how far it dipped into the water.

Chai Tea Concentrate - Crafty Staci 3

When it finished brewing, I fished the tea bags out with a slotted spoon and used a second spoon to press out the excess liquid.  The coffee filter spice bag worked beautifully, and made this a really easy recipe.  It makes about a quart of concentrate, which you combine equally with milk to drink.  If you have trouble finding the whole spices, I think this would still be delicious if you used all ground.

Chai Tea Concentrate - Crafty Staci 4

This recipe passed the true test in my house – my kids said it tasted better than store-bought.  That makes it a keeper.