Friday Favorites–Camping

I’m loading my family, the dog and some supplies into the Jeep and heading for the great outdoors next week.  That’s right, we’re going camping.  I love sleeping in a tent, cooking over a campfire and exploring nature.  My very favorite part of the whole thing is no electronics.  Ahh…peace.

Of course, I’ve spent some time searching for great camp ideas to share with you.  One thing I really can’t wrap my mind around is the idea of camp decorating.  I’m not making that up – there are people out there stringing pennant banners and decorative lighting around their camp sites.  People.  It’s camping.  Stop.

These Tent and Campfire Treats from She Knows aren’t so much camping food as counting down to camping food.  They’d make a great pre-trip dessert.


Have you ever roasted Starburst candies over a campfire?  I haven’t, but I’ve seen this idea floating around everywhere lately, including at The V Spot.  I’m definitely trying it this trip – I’ll let you know how it goes.

roasted starbursts

Our dog is a little ambivalent about camping.  He doesn’t like jumping in the creek and he isn’t wild about laying in the dirt.  Yeah, he’s kind of a princess.  But I think the least Max could do is haul some of his own stuff with this Dog Hiking Backpack from Craftster.


I love the idea of a camping-themed party.  TSJ Photography shares some fantastic ideas for just that, but the part I could take with me on this trip is the S’Mores Happy Camper Crunch.


Camping isn’t all about fun and food.  There are some basic necessities that can’t be forgotten.  When you’re roughing it to the point you need to keep track of your own toilet paper, here’s a great idea for keeping it clean and safe from Field and Stream.


There’s also that issue of hand washing.  This Hand Washing Station from Do It and How keeps the whole process nice and tidy.


Back to the fun part – food.  We’ve bought the shake and pour pancake mix before, but I really like the idea of making it ourselves.  We might even be able to substitute a few ingredients in this Homemade Shake and Pour Pancake Mix from One Good Thing and make them gluten-free for the chicklet.


I believe in simple, low-effort camp food, but there’s no reason to forgo the spices.  Especially when you can transport and store them easily using this idea from Skruben.


This Scrambled French Toast from Trendy Treehouse isn’t billed as camping food, but it seems like it would be perfect in a cast iron skillet on the camp stove.


These Tripod Camping Stools from Design Sponge aren’t the prettiest piece of furniture, but they’re handy and functional.  And we are not decorating our campsites, remember?