Friday Favorites–Denim

I’m back from my camping trip in the wilderness.  It was relaxing, if for no other reason than there’s no internet or phone there.  My husband is usually the camp cook and dishwasher, so for two days I did almost nothing.  It was weird.

In anticipation of all that free time, I bought a couple of magazines to bring along.  Between my daughter and I, we had one home decorating magazine, two fashion magazines and two puzzle books.  In reading through them all, I learned two things.  One, I suck at Sudoku.  Two, denim is hot right now.

The first quilt I ever made was recycled denim.  I just cut up big squares, but I love the strips It’s Always Autumn used in her modern take on this upcycling classic.  The gold binding that suggests the thread often used on jeans is also a nice touch.


These denim cubes made by Style Diaries from old jeans are nice all by themselves, but even better when you find out they’re filled with lavender.


Everything is cuter when it’s made baby-sized, including these Denim Skull Baby Shoes from Ecouterre.


I loved this art piece before I even knew it was made from denim.  Belrossa made this Denim Sunburst Textile Art using small pieces of recycled denim.  Time consuming, but so worth it.


The use, or reuse, of the pockets on this Denim Pencil Cube from Crafts ‘N Coffee were well-planned, but the grommets to hold the pencils are a stroke of genius.


If you’d like to wear your denim on your nails, Nordstrom can help you out with this Denim Manicure Set.


This jacket started out solid white.  After Second Chances by Susan was through, her Tattooed Denim Jacket was a work of art.

back yoke_edited-1

This adorable Denim Whale from Valaan Villapaita would make a great gift for an ocean-loving kid.


I love the different colored layers in this hairband by Meijo’s Joy, and the reused button is just the right touch.

This sweet little tree by Michele Made Me was created by rolling strips of denim. 


And, because I said I would report back, I want you to know I tried roasting Starburst over the campfire.  Maybe I don’t understand how to do it correctly, but I couldn’t keep it on the stick long enough to cook it all the way through.  The part that did tasted like a warm Starburst.  Sigh.  It was the most work I did during the entire trip.