Friday Favorites–Crafty Guys

Lets face it, when you think of crafting, most of us have a female stereotype in our heads.  Thankfully, we’ve evolved beyond feeling like only our mothers and grandmothers could make things, but have we fully accepted our masculine members of the crafting community?  I have a couple of very creative guys in my house alone, so today I’d like to celebrate the men who make stuff.

Made by Joel caught my eye a couple of years ago for two reasons:  my husband’s name is Joel and this Joel is local to me.  He specializes in simple toys, coloring sheets and these sweet paper cities and playscapes.

Made by Joel

Gregory from Loom Dude is a loom knitter.  Since that seems to be the only way I can tame yarn, I’m right there with him.  He has several great projects, and he really seems to enjoy the process.

Loom Dude

You may have spotted Mark Montano’s Big Ass Book of Crafts and its sequels in the past few years, but he also has a blog where he shares some creativity, like how to make boxer shorts.  Every guy should know that one.

Mark Montano

I’m just blown away by Ty from Know and Tell Crafts.  This guy is only 13 years old, but the only reason I know that is because he gives out that info on his home page.  His skill and ability to give directions are well beyond his years.

Know and Tell Crafts

I don’t remember how I originally ended up at SPWA, but I know why I stayed.  He has an entire library of downloadable paper toys that are just amazing.  Many of them are available with his colors and patterns, or blank so you can design your own.  I could lose a lot of time here.


Jesse’s Nine Red is overflowing with ideas and projects for home improvement and beautification.  Some of my favorites are his string art, with this sparrow topping the list.

Nine Red

ManMade is the home of Chris, whose attitude toward crafting is summed up by this quote from his About page:  All People Should Make All Things All the Time.  I couldn’t agree more.


I probably don’t need to tell you what John from Quilt Dad specializes in, do I?  He’s not afraid of color, a great quality in a quilter of either gender.

Quilt Dad

Paul’s DudeCraft blog has a very unique feel, and along with his own work, he features projects from other makers.  I’m in love with this print.

Dude Craft

As some of you know, I’m a long-time fan of Stormdrane.  He is a paracord master and has kept my son busy with many projects. 


Craft on, men!

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