My Favorite Sewing Tools

Did you know September is National Sewing Month?  Apparently it was declared in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our nation.”  At about that point in my life I was taking home economics in middle school, a member of a sewing 4-H club, and participating in the county fair.  I was in a fashion show wearing a dress I made and I actually received a blue ribbon for clothing construction.  I was invited to send it to the state fair, but the date I needed to be there landed on the first day of school.  Bummer.

County Fair Dress - Crafty Staci

In honor of this month celebrating all things sewing, The Sewing Loft has launched a series on bloggers’ favorite sewing tools.  Sew Mama Sew also has a group of links to various bloggers’ posts on the things they can’t live without. 

I’ve written about the things that get used the most in my sewing room before.  I wasn’t surprised to look back and realize none of it had really changed.  In case you missed it, here’s the oldies and a few new goodies.

I couldn’t function without my Fiskars clippers, so much so that I own two pair and I’m considering a third.  My son bought the first pair for me for Christmas one year, and has never stopped being proud of the fact that I love them so much.

Fiskars clippers - Crafty Staci

If you don’t have a good pair of shears, they’re worth the investment.  My Ginghers are 23 years old and still work like new as long as they’re sharpened regularly.  I’ve had cheaper scissors, but trust me, it isn’t worth the grief.

Gingher shears - Crafty Staci

It’s not so much a tool, but I’ve become a thread snob.  I was using one brand and it seemed like my machine was jamming and the thread was breaking often.  I actually thought it was my machine, but I switched to Gutterman thread and the problem cleared right up.  It’s the only brand I’ve bought since.

Gutermann Thread - Crafty Staci

Speaking of sewing machines, I’ve told you about my Pfaff before.  It’s a workhorse and hasn’t let me down in the nearly 20 years I’ve owned it.  I recently had the opportunity to buy an even older Pfaff from a family friend, and I jumped at the chance.  In fact, this machine was manufactured at the same time I was walking down that county fair runway, but it’s in excellent condition.  I bought it as a back up, but since the busy season is starting for my Etsy shop, I have it set up right next to the original.  One machine has black thread in it, the other white so I can bounce back and forth without rethreading.  Yep, I’m my own assembly line.

Sewing Machines - Crafty Staci

One of the most surprising of my favorites came from the office supply store.  I have a bag of small binder clips that I use daily.  Sometimes it’s actually for paper, but they’re also great for holding together pieces that are difficult to pin in a sewing project.

Binder clips - Crafty Staci

A classic for me, and the tool I probably use more than almost anything else, is my Pointy Stick.  I bought a 1/4” dowel, cut it to about 15 inches, then sharpened the end to a dull point in a pencil sharpener.  I’ve only broken one and it’s cheap to replace.  I use it for everything, from turning sewn items down to pushing stuff off high shelves so I don’t have to drag out the step stool. 

Pointy Stick - Crafty Staci

There are plenty of other tools I can’t live without, but those are the big ones.  What tool would you take with you to a deserted island?