Friday Favorites - Autumn

I generally gauge the season by my families’ calendar.  My daughter’s mid-September birthday technically makes her a summer baby, but that’s always when I feel the first signs of fall creeping in.  By the time my other kid’s early October celebration comes around, we’re knee deep in pumpkins and colorful leaves.  Since we’re between the two of them right now, it must mean the official start of autumn is this weekend.

I will admit I’m a Starbucks fan, but one or two pumpkin spice lattes a year is enough for me.  However, yesterday my daughter and I discovered something new:  pumpkin spice chai.  Oh my goodness.  I’ve got the chai down, so all I need is this Coffee Shop Pumpkin Syrup from Savvy Eats and I’m all set to enjoy these from home.

Savvy Eats

For some reason, I usually carry a smaller purse in the summer.  Maybe it’s because the clothes are smaller and I’m trying to stay in proportion.  More likely, my bag has to be larger when the air turns colder so I can carry an extra scarf and sweater.  This Mod Purse Refashion from The Sewing Rabbit is a brilliant way to convert a smaller bag into an autumn-accommodating one.

The Sewing Rabbit

One of my very most absolutely favorite things about the weather getting colder is wearing boots.  I ordered my daughter a set of these Boot Cuffs from OnTheHook on Etsy for Christmas last year.  They can be turned either direction for a different look, and Desiree was great to work with.  I think this year I need a set for myself.


And because you’re never too young for boots, check out these adorable Little Red Riding Boots from Shwin & Shwin.

Shwin and Shwin

Another favorite item that’s at the top of my list to add back into my wardrobe this time of year is a scarf.  I love this Chain Loop Scarf from Hidden Daisyy.  I wonder if I could braid the strands instead of crochet.

Hidden Daisyy

We live amongst the trees, so when the leaves start to change we’re surrounded.  I love all the colors, and wouldn’t mind bringing some of it inside with these Autumn Lanterns from No Wooden Spoons.

No Wooden Spoons

Sticks are around any time of year, so why is it they feel so fall-like?  I have a bunch of cinnamon sticks left over from a project, so I might try this Cinnamon Stick Covered Tissue Box from How to Nest for Less.  This would also transition nicely into winter.

How to Nest for Less

Once the summer heat is gone, I make soup at least once a week.  I tend to use the throw-whatever-we-have-in-a-pot method, but I attempt an actual recipe once in a while.  The next one will be 30 Minute Baked Potato Soup from 4-Tunate.


It’s fall, the weather isn’t as nice outside and you know what that means.  “Mom, I’m BORED!”  These Pony Bead Pumpkins from Cutesy Crafts would help keep them busy for a while and they’d be fun to display when they’re finished.

Cutesy Crafts

I have cold hands.  So cold, I have to wear gloves inside the grocery store in the winter.  I kinda love these Witty Gloves from Country Living.  I’d never tattoo my knuckles, but I’d wear these!  “Hand Made” is my favorite.

Country Living