Friday Favorites–Hats Off to You

A week or two ago it was 90 degrees here, but the last few days we’ve been lucky to see 60.  We went straight from sandals and T-shirts to boots and sweaters.  I’m not complaining exactly, because this is when I get to pull out my favorite parts of my wardrobe, but I was expecting a little more gradual transition.  Before too long it will be time to add a hat as well.  Fortunately, there’s plenty of fun options out there.

Friday Favorites - Hats

I have something similar to this Military Hat from Crafterminds that’s part of my track meet season uniform.  It looks like you could make this for any size head.


This cute little Bucket Hat from UCreate is reversible and can be embellished with just about anything.  In my son’s case, that would have been dirt and ice cream.


I love how this Granny Rose Slouchy Hat from Apple Blossom Dreams combines a modern style with a retro technique. 

Apple Blossom Dreams

I have to show you the photo that lead me to that one, because I like the colors used by Cogaroo Crafts here.

Cogaroo Crafts

This Puppy Hat from Fleece Fun is just one of a set of animal-themed fleece hats that would be perfect for Halloween.

Fleece Fun

I like the pretty, light look of this Milanese Lace Topper found on Ravelry.


Any little guy would look good and stay warm in this Eddie Cap from Mushroom Villagers.

Mushroom Villagers 

I learned from searching for hat patterns that you can knit or crochet a hat based on just about any theme.  One of my favorites is this Crochet Mohawk Hat from I’m Topsy Turvy.

Im Topsy Turvy

I love these bomber-style hats.  My nearly-adult kid has one, and I can tell you, they’re even cute on giant boys.  Visit Delia Creates to learn how it’s done.

Delia Creates

Around here, we’re all hooked on Sherlock.  I especially loved his reaction to the deerstalker hat.  Cation Designs shows you how you can make a “ear hat” of your own.

Cation Designs

One of my first projects here at Crafty Staci was this Robin Hood Hat.  It’s super easy and a handy pattern to have around with Halloween on its way.  Just ask this handsome guy.

Crafty Staci