Friday Favorites–Halloween Crafts

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays for crafting.  I’ve watched people who won’t consider making anything during the rest of the year pull off amazing costumes for their kids, elaborately carved pumpkins or treats that would make Martha Stewart envious.  It might have something to do with the fact that when it comes to inspiration, Halloween never fails to deliver.

Friday Favorite - 10 Halloween Crafts

I think these simple Magnetic Spiders from Delia Creates are a brilliant idea.  My arachnophobic daughter could not disagree with me more.

Delia Creates

I like candy corn.  Yes, eating it.  Don’t judge.  But I also love decorating with it this time of year, so these Color Block Candy Corn Pillows from Positively Splendid would fit right in.

Positively Splendid 

It’s hard to get anyone in my house excited about carving pumpkins anymore.  They just won’t sit still long enough.  Maybe I can get someone back on board with me when I show them this clever cutting method from Make.


If you’ve ever been a party parent for your kid’s classroom, you know finding activities can be challenging.  These Printable Halloween Bingo Cards from Makoodle would work well whether you use candy or some non-edible markers.


What kitchen couldn’t use a jar of Edible Googly Eyes on hand?  Thanks to Your Homebased Mom, we don’t have to be without them any longer.

How to make Edible Googly Eyes

Speaking of googly eyes, they’d look great on this No Effort Halloween Treat from Lovezilla.  I may never eat another doughnut again.


Sometimes the easiest thing can be the most impressive.  Check out this broken glass window.  Looks pretty trashed, right?  The thing is, it’s not broken at all.  Those are bits of frosted Contact paper.  Thanks to Halloween Forum for the tip.

Halloween Forum

I’m definitely making these Halloween Bones from Budget Savvy Diva sometime before Halloween.  And eating them.

Budget Savvy Diva

These DIY Halloween Bats from Craftbits are a great recycling project.  If you don’t have any coin wrappers available, I think a toilet paper or paper towel tube would work too.


I love everything about these Halloween Yard Skeletons from MetalArchitect on Etsy.  Apparently, so did everyone else because they’ve been sold, but maybe the artist will make more.

MetalArchitect on Etsy

Enjoy the pre-Halloween full moon tonight!