Friday Favorites–Menorahs

Hanukkah starts pretty early this year, so the crafting window is quickly closing.  I’m not Jewish, but many people who are important to me are, so while there’s still a little time left I’d like to visit what I know would be one of my favorite aspects of the holiday:  the menorah.

Friday Favorites - 10 Menorahs - Crafty Staci

This Candle Stand from Lowe’s looks like it would be pretty easy to make, providing you have the right tools laying around.

Lowe's Candle Stand

While I don’t have experience with menorahs, I have lots of experience with little kids and they like to play with stuff.  That goes double for pretty holiday stuff.  Baby’s First Hanukkah Menorah from StoryBlox on Etsy would be a great gift for a new kidlet.

Baby's First Hanukkah StoryBlox

This simple menorah from Make: Craft is great for someone who doesn’t want to have to store it after Hanukkah is over, since it can be spread out and used throughout the house.

Make Simple Menorah

This Electric Tea Light Menorah from Dollar Store Crafts looks really easy to make, and as the blog name suggests, inexpensive as well.

Dollar Store Crafts Tea Light Menorah

I love all the candles, but this Edible Menorah from Cook Kosher is pretty tempting.

Cook Kosher Edible Menorah

I loved making those black construction and tissue paper crafts in grade school and, as Upper West Side Mom shows, it’s the perfect way to make a pretty menorah.

Upper West Side Mom Stained Glass Menorah

I know kids need to learn how to be safe around candles, but there was a point when my boy would have burned down most of Oregon, so this popsicle stick menorah from BabbaCo would be a good solution.  I can’t be the only one with a danger kid.

DIY My Own Menorah Babbaco

This Glittery Menorah from Creative Jewish Mom looks fun to make and is satisfyingly beautiful for those little crafters.

Lowe’s estimates the cost of this Mantel Top Menorah at $125, but I feel like with a little careful shopping it could be done for less. 

Lowe's Hanukkah Projects

I love this Lego minifigure Menorah from Bible Belt Balabusta so much.

Bible Belt Balabusta Lego Menorah

Happy Hanukkah!