Friday Favorites–Thanksgiving

I’ve arrived at that time in my life when my kids are going in different directions.  As they start to establish families of their own, I’m not going to have them around every time a holiday pops up.  While that makes me a little sad for what I’m losing, it means we’ve succeeded.  As parents, we spend our kids’ childhoods trying to work ourselves out of a job and if we’ve done that well, they’re ready when it’s time to leap out of the nest.  My first little bird is spending Thanksgiving with her soon-to-be in-laws and although she’ll be missed at our table, I couldn’t be happier. 

Friday Favorites - 10 Thanksgiving Crafts - Crafty Staci

My other kid is still at home and my husband, who was away at some special training last year, is back so we’re celebrating.  One of the biggest challenges for me is making the table look festive, but I don’t think I could go wrong with this Thankful Tablecloth from Blue Cricket Design.

Blue Cricket Designs Thankful Tablecloth

And right on top of that I could use these Painted Turkey Napkins from Drama Queen Seams.

Drama Queen Seams Painted Turkey Napkins

Country Woman Magazine even has instructions for a Turkey Napkin Holder to put them in.

Country Woman Magazine - Turkey Napkin Holder

Did you say napkin rings?  Here’s some cute ones from Rae Gun Ramblings.

Rae Gun Ramblings Turkey Napkin Rings and Hair Clips

In order to really get in the mood, I should probably consider some Thanksgiving décor elsewhere in my house too.  How about this paper roll turkey from A Glimpse Inside?

A Glimpse Inside Paper Roll Turkey

There’s just something about his set of Hand Turkeys from Crafty Deb that cracks me up.

Crafty Deb Hand Turkey Trio

Although if I’m being honest, this Yarn Ball Turkey from Parents Magazine is probably more my speed.  No crochet needles involved.

Parents Magazine Yarn Ball Turkey

Keeping kids busy while I cook isn’t an issue for me anymore, but I know one day it will be again.  This Thanksgiving Pictionary from Somewhat Simple is a great way to keep a range of ages busy.

Somewhat Simple Thanksgiving Pictionary

There’s so much cooking to do on Thanksgiving, sometimes you just want something to make that’s simple, can be made in advance and does the double-duty of adding to the decorations.  These Nutter Butter Corn Pops from She Knows Parenting meet every requirement.

She Knows Nutter Butter Corn Pops

Add to those these Turkey Cookies from The Mandatory Mooch and you’ve got a display that’s almost too cute to eat.

The Mandatory Mooch Turkey Cookies