Teacup Bird Gift Card Holder

Sometime around Christmas last year, I saw a cute, fat stuffed bird and thought “I should make a chubby bird ornament!”  I wrote it in my notebook, where it sat until this year.  I came across it again, so I started sketching out a drawing.  As I worked on it, I noticed he started to look a little like a teacup.  Great, I’ll go with that.  Once I made it to drawing the actual pattern I thought “Hey, you could leave the top open and put a gift card inside!”  Sometimes things just take on a life of their own.

To make this bird, you’ll need this pattern, felt, craft thread and ribbon or cord.

Cut two of each pattern piece from the felt.

Stitch the wing to the body on both sides, making sure to reverse the direction for one of them.  For the rest of the pieces, put both together and stitch around the edge.  Add a black knot on the body for the eye.

Pin the two body pieces together with the wings out.  Slide the tail, feet and beak in 1/4” in the appropriate places and pin.

Stitch around the edge of the body, leaving the top open.

Cut 12” of ribbon or cord.  I remembered I had some Christmas-colored baker’s twine, so I went with that.  Tie a knot at the ends, slide into each side and stitch about three stitches above the knot to hold in place.

In addition to gift cards, he also happens to be kinda great at holding a teabag or two.

And when he’s done with that job, he can be an ornament.  I love this little guy.