Friday Favorites–DIY Gifts for Guys

Ahh, shopping for men.  If the ones on  your list are anything like mine, it’s a bit challenging to come up with good ideas.  It isn’t that they don’t want anything, but a giant toolbox and a Camaro aren’t in my budget.  And believe me, if I could make that Camaro happen I would.  With a little thought and creativity though, you can give your guys something special and from the heart.  Just not a car.

Friday Favorites - 10 DIY Gifts for Guys - Crafty Staci

Guys don’t like to admit it, but sometimes they need to carry stuff too.  Give him something he might be willing to throw all those things he can’t quite hold in his man-hands into, like this Manly-Man Tote Bag from The Seasoned Homemaker.

Manly Man Tote Bag from Seasoned Homemaker

Technically this idea is meant for little guys, but I know a few who are full-grown and would still proudly wear this Fleece Knight Helmet Hat from Wine and Glue.

Fleece Knight Helmet Hat from Wine and Glue

Does your guy carry a pocketful of keys?  Help him get those organized with this Magnetized Pocket Folding Key Organizer from m_jorge on Instructables.

Magnetized Folding Key Organizer on Instructables

This one isn’t completely DIY, but I think a hand painted or embellished mug would go nicely with these Pallet Drink Coasters from HowellsProducts on Etsy.

Pallet Coasters from HowellsProducts on Etsy

Maybe you have one of those guys who is anxious to have a mounted deer head on his wall.  Until your hunter reaches his goal, give him one of these Fabric Deer Heads from Charming Doodle to hold the space.  Make the red nose removable, and he can do double-duty as a Christmas decoration.

Fabric Deer Head from Charming Doodle

Granted, you’d probably have to make it in more manly fabrics to get him to use it, but what guy doesn’t need a Doorknob Reminder Caddy, like this one from Sew4Home?

Doorknob Caddy from Sew4Home

If you’re a little handy with some simple power tools, you could easily make this DIY Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener from Décor and the Dog.

DIY Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener from Decor and the Dog

For the really ambitious, try this Homemade Skee Ball Game from seamster on Instructables.  Better yet, gather the supplies and give it to him as a make-your-own kit.

Homemade Skee Ball Game on Instructables

Again, some camouflage or brown fabric might be needed here, but once you find that, this Double Bike Saddle Bag from Sovanisa would be a great gift for your biker.

Double Bike Saddle Bag from Sovanisa

Guys.  Bacon.  Candied Bacon with Pecans from Food Stories.

Candied Bacon with Pecans from Food Stories

Less than three weeks until Christmas!