Friday Favorites–DIY Gifts for Kids

As I’ve mentioned before, technically I have no kids left in my house.  If I keep saying it over and over again, eventually I might believe it.  Now that my last one turned 18, there’s nothing but adults around here, but I still enjoy browsing fun kid projects.  The day will come again when I get to make things for little ones, but by then I’ll have so many ideas saved up that I’ll never be able to finish them all.  Crafter problems, right?

Friday Favorites - 10 DIY Gifts for Kids - Crafty Staci

This set of Old MacDonald Puppets from Just Another Day in Paradise is adorable, and if you look at each individually they look like they’re pretty easy to make.

Old MacDonald Puppets from Just Another Day in Paradise

A Lego Puzzle Book like this one from Kids Activities Blog would be a great gift for a variety of ages, just vary the difficulty based on the recipient.  I want one.

Lego Puzzle Book by Kids Activities Blog

There are all kinds out outfits and accessories to make for dolls, but this Mermaid Tail from Lil Blue Boo is something I’ve never seen before. 

Mermaid Tail for a Doll by Lil Blue Boo

If you have a future chef on your shopping list, this Apron and Chef Hat from Making it Fun is a perfect gift.  Imagine all the fabric combining possibilities.

Kids' Apron and Chef Hat from Making It Fun

What kid wouldn’t love this Magnetic Me Doll from Creative Juice?  For even more fun, add in some friends and family member dolls.

Magnetic Me Doll from Get Creative Juice

Shopping is boring, especially when you’re small and cart-bound.  Liven things up with this Kids Shopping Book from She Wears Flowers.

Kids' Shopping Book by She Wears Flowers

To really get a feel for how cute and tiny The Penny Coat from Shwin and Shwin is, click through to see it on a little bitty person.

The Penny Coat from Shwin and Shwin

I love the idea of this memory game from The Purl Bee.  All you need are a bunch of fabric scraps.  Not exactly hard to come by.  I could make about a million of these.

Memory Game from The Purl Bee

All the kids on your list might not be small, but there are some great ideas out there for the older crowd too, like these Bias Tape Shoelaces from Clothworks.

Bias Tape Shoelaces from Clothworks

This Acoustic Guitar Bag from Bored and Crafty would work all the way up into the teens and even beyond.

DIY Acoustic Guitar Bag from Bored and Crafty

If none of these work for you, there’s always the classic pajama bottoms - for every age, gender, color preference and climate.  Just ask my not-kid kids.