DIY Graduation Gifts

We have a ton of nieces and nephews.  Eleven have already graduated from high school, but if I’m counting correctly there are about 16 left who haven’t.  Since we’ve never been good about remembering all those birthdays I put in extra effort for their graduation gifts.  Don’t get me wrong – they all get cash, but I try to be creative about the way they receive it.  It snuck up on me last year, so our poor nephew only got a card with a check in it.  I think he got over it.

I have this year’s gift almost ready, which I’m show you on Wednesday.   In the meantime, here’s a few ideas I’ve used in the past:

Fabric Fortune Cookies

I made these Fabric Fortune Cookies back when that new blog smell hadn’t worn off yet.  Fortunately, the little takeout boxes I used for this are still out there. 

Fabric Fortune Cookies - Crafty Staci

Fabric Fortune Teller

This Fabric Fortune Teller was so fun to make.  It was actually the card for my son’s 8th grade graduation gift, but you could certainly slip some cash inside instead.  I’d recommend pinning it so it doesn’t fall out.

Fabric Fortune Teller - Crafty Staci

Graduation Gift Check Holder

Ok, I’ll admit this Graduation Gift Check Holder was a little odd.  It looked great closed, but it was a little tricky to figure out how you were supposed to get to the check.  I guess you could consider it a test of whether they’ve actually learned enough to escape high school.

Grad Cap Check Holder - Crafty Staci

Graduation Cap Cash Box

This Graduation Cap Cash Box is one of my favorites so far.  When my nephew grabbed the tassel and pulled, the tissue tore away and the cash came out in a long ribbon, just like I intended.  And I exhaled.

Grad Cap Cash Box - Crafty Staci

Map Memory Box

I made this Map Memory Box for my daughter when she was headed off to college.  The hearts on the top represent home and school, making it perfect for a graduate off to a new adventure.

Map Memory Box by Crafty Staci

So, I’m curious…do you give graduates money or a gift?