I Love U Guys Fundraiser Wrap-Up

It’s difficult to talk about our children being put in danger at school.  No one wants to believe it can happen, and it’s something we all hope we can eventually put an end to.  Until that day comes, we need to be sure we are doing everything we can to prepare our kids and the adults that staff our schools for emergencies, and provide resources to help pick up the pieces afterward.  That’s the giant job that the I Love U Guys Foundation has taken on.

It’s been my pleasure to host a fundraising event for this amazing organization for the last four weeks by donating half of my Etsy sales (and 100% of my pencil coffee sleeves) to their cause.  I started out with a goal of $300.  When that was met, I upped it to $500.  After that number was passed, I hoped to double my original goal.  I’m happy to announce that I will be sending even more than that:

I Love U Guys Fundraiser Thermometer
I Love U Guys Fundraiser Thermometer

I wanted to thank all of you, one last time, for your support.  All of your sharing of the event and purchases made a big difference.  This is very important to me, and I appreciate all of your help from the very bottom of my heart!

Also, congratulations to Steph for winning the Vendor Apron in my Giveaway Day drawing!  Her apron is on its way!