Hearts and Tassels Garland

I mentioned last month that Afternoon Live had invited me back to do another segment on their lifestyle show - tomorrow is the day! I thought I'd be less nervous this time, but you guys, I picked a craft that involves a glue gun! I'm just hoping I can keep from gluing myself to anything. 

I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of what I'm making tomorrow, since it's very Valentiney and that month just popped up on the calendar. This is an easy project, would be fun to make with kids and takes few supplies. My favorite kind.

For this project you'll need:

  • felt
  • twine, ribbon, cord or yarn
  • glue

There are two parts to this, so we'll start with the hearts.

For each heart you'd like to make, cut a strip of felt 1 x 9".  The long side should be the width of the felt if you're using the rectangles you usually find in the craft store. It might not be an exact measurement, but close is fine. Cut a piece of twine about 3".

Fold the felt in half to find the center.  Add a drop of glue near the center. I prefer hot glue, but if you don't mind waiting for it to dry just about any glue will work.

Bring the ends of the twine together and form a loop. Another, probably better, option is to cut it longer and tie a knot in the ends. Stick the ends into the glue.

Fold the strip with the glue inside. Hold for a second to let the glue cool.  Flip it over so the twine is on the bottom and add glue near the other end of the strip.

Bring the ends together and hold to cool.

And boom, you have a heart! Or do it a bunch of times, and you'll have a bunch of hearts.

By the way, if you want to skip the glue, you can use staples! For some reason, it worked better for me when I held the stapler in my hand.

Now, about that tassel. Cut a piece of felt 2 x 4".  Cut strips along the long edge 1/4" wide, stopping 1/2" from the top. 

To create a felt loop, pull the first strip up and glue the end to the top, as shown below, making a loop above the top edge.

The other option is to cut a piece of twine about 4", tie a knot in it and glue it to the end.

Once you've created the loop of your choice, start rolling up the tassel from that end.

When you reach the end, add another dab of glue near the corner and finish rolling.

Fluff the ends.

String as many as you'd like to make on your twine of choice.

I asked my husband to drill a couple of holes in a board for me so I could stick dowels in it to hang this from. Being the creative guy he is, he came back with this instead. I can't wait to take it with me tomorrow!