Friday Favorites No. 318

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Say it with me...awwwww! This crochet pattern, appropriately from The Labrador Site, is adorable.

I only recently learned about Kokedama, which means moss ball in Japanese. You can make these with a variety of plants, and they will last for a year or two before they need to be replanted elsewhere. Let The Handyman's Daughter show you how.

Our crazy boxer loves apples and will do just about anything for peanut butter. I'll have to try this idea from Pretty Fluffy, but I think I might throw it in the freezer as someone suggested in the comments. That might keep him from eating it in one bite.

You can make gummy bears from wine? Why did I not know this? For that matter, why didn't I know you could make gummy bears at all? Thanks to Cooking with Janica I can give it a try. You can find the molds on Amazon. I particularly like this mold set that can make gummy fish and worms as well.

At my quilt guild meeting this week, we spent some time cutting fabrics and assembling charity quilt kits. I ended up borrowing a rotary cutter and mat for a while, and I think I know what the next tool in my crafty arsenal is going to be. Even if you don't quilt, a rotary cutter is indispensable for cutting fabric, and this baby was awesome. It's big, which I liked, and the blade is automatically covered as soon as you let go of the trigger. The owner told me it's her favorite, and that she can cut through several layers of fabric with it. After using it, this is on my must-have list.

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