Spring Etsy Sale

I’m having a big Spring Sale in my Etsy shop!  I decided to take a hard look at what was I had on hand and be brutal about making room for some new things.  Kill your darlings, so they say.  I’m not going to pretend to understand why some of these cute items are still here while others are gone, but it’s time to move on.

Everything below is currently 50% off the original price.  But wait, there’s more - through this Friday, April 18, 2014, use the code SPRINGSHIPPING for free shipping on any order within the United States!  For my international customers, use the code SPRINGWORLD for a $4 discount on shipping.

Anything here would make great a Mother’s Day gift!

Black and White Crosshatch and Pink Sling Bag - CraftyStaci

Keys and Red Polka Dot Sling Bag - CraftyStaci

Ninja Monkey Sling Bag - CraftyStaci

Tattoo and Fire Sling Bag - CraftyStaci

Black and Flowers Sling Bag - CraftyStaci

Beige and Happy Words Sling Bag - CraftyStaci

CF Memory Card Mini Wallet - CraftyStaci

Camera Strap Business Card Holder - CraftyStaci

3-D Glasses Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Fish Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Leaf Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Snowflake Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Christmas Trees Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Christmas Stockings Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Christmas Tree Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Lovebirds Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Grey and Yellow Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Honey Bee Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Mom Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Ninja Monkey Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Tattoo Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Tropical Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Typewriter Keys Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Vacation Coffee Cup Sleeve - Crafty Staci

Watermelon Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Cowboy Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Camera Coffee Cup Sleeve - CraftyStaci

Last Day of Holiday Sale 2013

I’m wrapping up the final day of my sale in both my Etsy and Zibbet shops today, so if you have gifts left to buy, now’s the time! Black Friday Weekend Sale - CraftyStaci

This has been a big year for customizing, which means the selection of ready-to-ship items is still good.

Lens Cap Holders:

These are still in stock in all three sizes, including some with a small internal pocket to hold an extra memory card.

Lens Cap Holders - CraftyStaci

Memory Card Wallets:

I have these in both sizes, although right now there’s only one for SD cards left, but several for CF cards.

Memory Card Wallets - CraftyStaci

Business Card Holders:

There are a few of these in stock.

Business Card Holders - CraftyStaci

Camera Straps:

I have several straps in the around-the-neck style.

Camera Straps - CraftyStaci

And some for use around your wrist.

DSLR Wrist Straps - CraftyStaci

Coffee Cup Sleeves:

There’s still a great selection of these available, including some of my novelty shaped patterns and camouflage, which includes a donation of the proceeds to Wounded Warrior.

Coffee Cup Sleeves - CraftyStaci

Ninja Monkey Bags:

A few of these are still available too.

Ninja Monkey Bags - CraftyStaci

Jars, Lids, Straws and Coasters:

Everything here is stocked up and ready to ship.

Drinking Jar, Steel Straw and Mason Coaster - CraftyStaci

The sale and coupon code both end at 1 am Pacific time tonight.  Happy shopping!

Black Friday Weekend Sale 2013

Before I get into the sale portion of this, I’d like to wish you all a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.  I hope you’re able to spend some time with loved ones, enjoy some great food and reflect on what you’re thankful for in your life.  One of the things I’m grateful for is the fact that all of you choose to spend some of your time here with me.  Thank you!

Once the dinner has been put away and demoted to leftovers and the annual viewing of whatever movie your family is into is over, some of you are probably going to move to the shopping portion of the weekend.  I’m not going to brave the crowds out in the real world this year, but I do intend to do some browsing online.  If your plan is similar to mine, I have some deals in my own shops to pass along to you.  Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for a special additional discount code, just for my newsletter and blog readers!


CraftyStaci Etsy Shop

CraftyStaci Etsy Shop

All of my ready-to-ship Etsy items will be marked down 15% except the Christmas section, which will be 25% off.


CraftyStaci Zibbet Shop

CraftyStaci Zibbet Shop

All items in my Zibbet shop will be marked down 15% except my Ninja Monkey Bags, which will be 25% off. 

Now for that additional discount I mentioned…

Black Friday Weekend Sale - CraftyStaci

Black Friday Weekend Sale - CraftyStaci

For your cut and paste ease, that coupon code is HOLIDAYS2013.  This coupon will expire at 1 am Pacific time on Tuesday, December 3, 2013.  This is the only discount available on my custom Etsy items, which will not otherwise be on sale.

I’ll be available all weekend so if you have any questions, feel free to email me at craftystaci (at) gmail (dot) com or through either shop directly.  Happy shopping!

Holiday Delivery ScheduleFor in-stock delivery before Dec. 25: order by Dec. 19, 2013 within the United States and Dec. 1 to international and military addresses.For custom delivery before Dec. 25: order by Dec. 9, 2013 within the United States and Nov. 18 to international and military addresses.

New for Fall in my Etsy Shop

Thanks to the miracles of technology, you’re reading this while I’m enjoying a mini-vacation with my sweet husband in sunny Las Vegas.  He’s just finishing up his bachelor’s degree, which calls for a celebration, and today happens to be his birthday.  We’re actually not huge gamblers, but we enjoy the sights, shopping, entertainment and delicious food that the city has to offer.  Okay, and maybe a few minutes at a nickel slot machine.

I’ve been working hard on some new items for my Etsy shop, and when I return the focus will be on getting them listed ahead of the official start of the holiday shopping season.  Ready for a sneak peek?  If there is anything here you’re interested in, just leave me a message here or email me at craftystaci (at) gmail (dot) com with the number of the item and I’ll set up a reserved listing for you when I return on Saturday.

I’ve got a few more camera straps in my workroom to finish, but these four will be up soon.

Camera Straps - Crafty Staci

These wallets hold twelve SD memory cards.

SD Card Wallets - Crafty Staci

These wallets will hold eight of the larger CF cards, or SD cards in their plastic cases.

CF Card Wallets - Crafty Staci

These are the new lens cap holders.  There are two 84mm, four 77mm and two 67 mm size.  Many of these coordinate with the camera straps shown above.

Lens Cap Holders - Crafty Staci

These business card holders slide onto your camera strap.

Business Card Holders - Crafty Staci

And, one of my favorites, lots of new coffee cup sleeves!

Coffee Cup Sleeves - Set A - Crafty Staci

Coffee Cup Sleeves - Set B - Crafty Staci

Coffee Cup Sleeves - Set C - Crafty Staci

I’m also trying out a new crafty sales platform called Zibbet.  Right now, you’ll find my Ninja Monkey Bags and some of my coffee cup sleeves in my shop, with more to come before the holidays. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at the address above.  I’ll be checking my mail periodically and I’ll return late on Friday, refreshed and inspired.  And with a slightly lighter wallet.

Christmas in July

It’s hard to think about snowmen and candy canes when it’s shorts and camping weather, but the Christmas in July phenomenon has been around as long as I can remember, so clearly it’s here to stay.

If you’re looking to get a jump on your holiday shopping, I’m here to help.  Until Sunday, everything in the Christmas and Winter section of my Etsy shop is 25% off!

002  278

009  264

270  274

006  014

059  063

143  77134

77131  127

67155  67152

Happy early shopping!

Memorial Day Sale

How did we get so close to the end of May already?  Between Mother’s Day, my son’s last track meet, helping my daughter make something special to give her bridesmaids (you’ll see those after they all do) and accompanying my husband to a police academy graduation, my week zipped by so fast I barely saw it.  Since life is already in a frenzy right now, I think it’s time for a sale! Aside from Black Friday, I don’t like to plan sales for my Etsy shop.  I prefer to just have them when the mood strikes me.  It keeps things interesting.  I’m only advertising this one to my followers, so you won’t see anything about it when you visit my shop directly.  Starting today and through Memorial Day next Monday, you can use the code MEMORIALDAY2013 to receive free shipping on any order within the United States!

In case you haven't used a coupon code on Etsy before, it works like this:  click the green "Add to Cart" button for the item you want to order.  That will take you to a page showing the item and how you'll pay.  On the right side of the screen, under the payment options, it says "apply shop coupon code" in blue.  Click that and a box will appear.  Type MEMORIALDAY2013 into the box, click "Apply" and your shipping should show as $0.00.

etsy button feb 2013

This includes anything in my shop, including custom items, but I have a little bonus for you.  I have about 30 items that are completed but I haven’t listed yet.  I’m going to show you what they are here, but they won’t appear in my shop until after the sale is over.  They’ll only be available to those of you who read my blog.  If there’s something here you like, just click the link above or below the photo.  It will take you to a custom listing in my shop.  In the Note to Seller, just let me know which item shown here you wanted.  Be sure to use the free shipping code on these items too!

Camera Straps

Camera Straps - Crafty Staci

You can purchase any of these straps through this listing.  The green with the birds has a green leaf pattern on the reverse, which you can see in the photos below.

67mm Lens Cap Pockets

67mm Lens Cap Pockets - Crafty Staci

You’ll find the 67mm lens cap pocket listing here.  These also work well for the smaller 52mm lens caps.

77mm Lens Cap Pockets

77mm Lens Cap Pockets - Crafty Staci

This is where you’ll find the 77mm listing.  This is my most popular size.

84mm Lens Cap Pocket

84mm Lens Cap Pocket - Crafty Staci

You’ll find the 84mm here.

Business Card Pockets

Business Card Pockets - Crafty Staci

If you prefer one of these over the other, be sure to mention that when you check out through this listing.

SD Card Wallets

SD Card Wallets - Crafty Staci

You’ll find the listing for the SD wallets here.

CF Card Wallets

CF Card Wallets - Crafty Staci

The CF card wallet listing is here.  Be sure to verify which type of card your camera uses before ordering.

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee Cup Sleeve Flowers - Crafty Staci

Coffee Cup Sleeve Robins - Crafty Staci

Coffee Cup Sleeve  Fish - Crafty Staci

All of these coffee cup sleeves can be ordered here, including the Father’s Day Fish (there are two of those).

If you have questions about any of these items or the sale, please feel free to contact me through email (my address is over there in the sidebar --->) or through Etsy.  Happy Monday!

New Fabric

I just added some new fabrics to my Etsy page today.  After the holidays deplete my stock, it’s always fun to go out shopping and see what’s new.  I don’t need much of an excuse to head to the fabric store.

I loved this camera print so much I emptied the bolt. 


Black prints on black are always popular, so I added a couple of new ones, including one for the music lovers out there.


This one reminds me spring is around the corner.


I found a few new basics that go with many of the prints I already have.






Purple, green and turquoise look so much better together than they sound like they would.


I love the swirliness of the waves on this blue.


I already had a zebra print, but this one has a completely different feel.


I just thought these road signs were kind of fun.


I ordered this from Spoonflower.  It’s not as black as I would like (which, in all fairness, they mention in their FAQ) but it’s a good charcoal print.


This typewriter key print is one of my favorites.  I’ve actually looked at this one several times before.


I also took the plunge last week and opened a little shop on Meylah.  So far it’s the same things I have on Etsy, but you might want to keep an eye on it.  I may decide to mix things up a little and add some things to Meylah that aren’t on Etsy yet!

Last, but not least, I also wanted to show you my new display mannequin.  It’s a bronze color right now, but when the weather cooperates I’m going to tape off the green leaves and spray paint the rest black.  I ordered this through Amazon, and really didn’t have high expectations for the price, but it’s solidly built and beautiful in person!

Swirly Dress Form - Crafty Staci

Happy Monday!

Holiday Sale 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving, spent remembering what you’re thankful for.  I’m thankful for my amazing kids, the continued safety of my husband so far from home and to my sister and her family for opening her home to us.  I feel lucky every single day to have the life I do. Now, are you ready for some shopping?


In honor of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, all of the ready-to-ship items in my Etsy shop are now discounted 15%.  As a small thank you for reading, you can use the discount code BLOG2012 to get an additional 5% off!  This code also works on the Items You Can Customize section (made to order), which isn’t otherwise on sale.


This sale will be in effect from now until midnight on Monday, November 26, 2012.


And, just as a reminder, here’s my holiday delivery deadlines:

  • Custom items shipped internationally must be ordered by November 24, 2012
  • In stock items shipped internationally must be ordered by December 3, 2012
  • Custom items shipped within the U.S. must be ordered by December 6, 2012
  • In stock items shipped within the U.S. must be ordered by December 12, 2012


Congratulations to my Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software winner - Joyce!  There was no email for you, Joyce, so I need you to contact me to find out how to claim your prize!

Remember that Silhouette sale I mentioned earlier this week?  Here’s the details!

· When you visit this page: http://silhouetteamerica.com/blackfriday.aspx and use the promo code STACI you will be able to get…

· 1 Silhouette CAMEO® plus 1 copy of Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition (MSRP $349.98) for $229.99

· 1 Silhouette Portrait™ for $179.99

· 40% off at silhouetteamerica.com (Offer only valid at silhouetteamerica.com. Expires November 30, 2012. Rain checks not available. (discount excludes Silhouette CAMEO®, Silhouette Portrait™, downloads, download cards, subscriptions, and gift cards).

If you’ve been considering one of these electronic cutting machines or anything from their store, this is a great time!

If you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to leave them here or email me at craftystaci@gmail.com.  Have a fun and safe shopping weekend!

Second Anniversary Giveaway and Etsy Sale

As I mentioned last week, I’m celebrating the second anniversary of my blog.  And what’s a party without presents?  I wish I could send something to every single one of you, but this is “Crafty Staci,” not “Hey Look, There Goes That Lottery Winner…Into Craft Warehouse…Again.”

This is the first of two giveaways I’m planning this week.  Because I’m here to encourage you to flex your sewing muscles, I’m starting with some supplies.  The winner of this giveaway will receive Stash Happy Patchwork by Cynthia Shaffer, a cute book full of fairly simple projects using scraps and small pieces of fabric.

Second anniversary giveaway 1

AND this springy little bundle of fat quarters! 

Second anniversary giveaway 2

Here’s the details: 

To enter, leave a comment on this post you’re reading.  Something that will make me smile, like a project you’ve made recently or where you’re going on vacation or something cute your two year old said.  No extra points for that, but it would make me happy.

For a second super-bonus entry, follow me somewhere.  I’m not talking about stalking me at the grocery store and shaking your head when I put Captain Crunch in my cart.  I mean Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, email, RSS, whatever.  Leave a SECOND comment here telling me where you follow me.  If you were already following me, say that. 

Second anniversary giveaway 3

To be clear, you can enter twice.  Once with a comment, a second time with a comment about where you follow me.

You have until next Sunday night, April 1, 2012 at 11:59 pm to enter.  I’ll choose a random winner after that and announce who it is on Monday, April 2nd.  Please make sure there is an email address attached to your profile or included in your comment so I’m able to contact you.  If I’m unable to reach the winner within one week, I’ll have to choose a new one. 

This contest is open to anyone, and international entries are welcome, provided your country has no limitations on whether you can receive books and fabric from the United States.

>*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<  >*<

I’m also having a celebratory Etsy sale!  From now through April 1, 2012, you can use the code TWOYEARS to receive a 15% discount off anything in my shop, including custom orders.  I just added lots of new items and some new fabric choices!

Second anniversary giveaway 4

Be sure to come back on Wednesday to enter ANOTHER giveaway!

Holiday Sale

I’m starting my Thanksgiving cooking today.  My daughter and I are making pies this afternoon, I’m whipping up some cranberry sauce and the turkey is going into the brine.  If you haven’t brined a turkey yet, try it.  I use this recipe.  The hardest part is finding a container big enough, but it’s totally worth it.  Best. Gravy. Ever.

The rest of the cooking, and the eating, will happen tomorrow.  I’m campaigning for a showing of “Elf” afterward, but my kids keep saying Thanksgiving day is too early for a Christmas movie.  Don’t tell them I’ve been listening to Christmas music in my car all week.

Christmas dancers

After that comes Black Friday.  And Small Business Saturday.  And Cyber Monday.  What, someone couldn’t come up with a shopping excuse for Sunday?  I might do some shopping over the weekend - from the safety of my office, of course.  I thought if I was going to shop other retailers’ sales, it was only fair to have one of my own, so here’s what’s going on in my Etsy shop:

Santa shopper

Starting at 12 a.m. Friday morning, everything in my CraftyStaci Etsy shop will be marked down 10%, and will remain so until 12 a.m. Tuesday morning.  No coupon codes needed.  Because my blog readers hold a special place in my heart, you get an extra discount!  Use the code BBSC11, which will take an additional 5% off your purchase.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and if you’re one of those early shoppers, stay caffeinated and safe!

Crafty with a Y, Staci with an I

Big day at Crafty Staci!  My lens cap pockets made an appearance on television today, in a Photo Accessories for the Mom-tographer segment on a show called Studio 5. 

The segment was great, and Lesli, the photographer who contacted me, was fun to watch.  It was a honor to be included among the other accessories, all of which I’d love to have in my own camera bag.  You can see the video here.  My pockets start at 3:14.

One thing I need to clear up, though, is the spelling of my shop name.  It’s CraftyStaci, not CraftiStacy.  I’m only talking about it here because it seems as though people are searching for the incorrect spelling that was used on the show and landing here at my blog, instead of my Etsy store.  If that’s you, click here:  www.craftystaci.etsy.com to get to my shop, and thanks for visiting!

Etsy Sale, Update and Giveaway

Happy Labor Day!  I thought since everybody else has a sale to celebrate, I’d join in too.  Personally, I’ll take shopping online during the big sales over fighting the crowds any day!

I’ve decided to discontinue the coffee cup sleeves in my Etsy store.  I love making them, but my focus has really turned toward photography accessories.  Get it…focus?  I know.  Sorry ‘bout that one.


I’ve created a new Sale section.  There are a few Christmas coffee cup sleeves, like this Santa’s Belt version and some everyday cozies. 


There are also a small handful of 67mm lens cap pockets that have been floating around for a while. 


Each item is only $5 with super-cheap $1 shipping in the United States and $3 everywhere else.   There’s also one Passport Wallet, which is $10 with $1 shipping.


Any of these would make great stocking stuffers.  I know it feels early to be thinking about that, but it’s coming!

I also added 60 new fabrics to the choices available for custom items, bringing my total to 165.  I’ve been busy – my shop now has Lens Cap Pockets, Business Card Pockets, Camera Straps and Memory Card Wallets.  I’ll happily make any of them from the fabrics of your choice.

Now, about that giveaway.  Just leave a comment here, telling me which items you like in my sale section.  At 8 am Pacific on Friday morning, September 9, 2011, I’ll randomly draw one entry and send that person the item they’ve mentioned.  The only catch is, you might want to list a couple of items in case your first choice happens to sell before Friday.

Enjoy your holiday and check out my sale!

Etsy Treasuries

I’ve been included in a couple of Etsy treasuries lately and I wanted to share them here.  If you’re unfamiliar with treasuries, it’s basically a collection of items found on Etsy, often with a theme, that anyone can put together.  They’re fun to look through and kind of addicting to make.  My thanks go out to both curators shown here who chose to include me!

'Say CHEESE!' by lv2cr8


he says he can't.

The original 1960's...

I Love Photography Gree...

Retro Camera Belt Buckl...

Click Camera American A...

NEW Vintage Camera mobi...

Camera Lens Cap Pocket ...

Vintage camera, screenp...

Echino Cameras Blue Des...

Keep Calm and Snap On-8...

Medium DSLR camera bag ...

Say cheese earrings

ANALOGUE handmade keych...

Quad Panels Polaroid Wa...

little plate holga (boy...


Treasury tool is sponsored by Lazzia.com A/B image testing.


'Thinking about everything we need for ' by MariMartin

our trip ...

White Wide Brim Sun Hat...

Beach Bag-Natural Organ...

80's Vintage Sungla...

Traditional Handwoven C...

Sailor Tote Bag --for m...

Custom Hand Painted Wed...

Personalized Bag Tag th...

Giveaway... Reserved fo...

PDF Sewing Pattern - Vi...

SALE - Turkish BATH Tow...

Camera Lens Cap Pocket ...

The Yellow Drop

Needle Case Needle Hold...

Hodgepodge Game Pieces,...

Natural Leather Passpor...

For Your Next Spelling ...


Treasury tool is sponsored by Lazzia.com A/B image testing.

Anniversary Etsy Discount Code

Shopping bag In the spirit of continuing the week-long celebration of my first year as Crafty Staci, I’m offering my blog readers 20% off anything in my Etsy store through Friday!  Simply enter the code ONEYEAR at checkout.  It applies to everything, including my new Choose Your Own Fabric Camera Lens Cap Pockets, which can include a slot to hold an extra memory card.  I have over 100 fabrics available!