Friday Favorites No. 333

I need to vent for just a second. I didn't notice until we were packing up to come home, but I'm fairly certain someone stole my luggage tags (the Superhero Luggage Tags I made years ago). The reason I think they were swiped, rather than just lost, is that there was one on each bag and they were BOTH missing. They had very sturdy hardware holding them on, and they've been through lots of trips with no issues. Well, I hope whoever has them now enjoys them. I'd be more angry if it weren't for the fact that gives me an excuse to make new ones!

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This sunburn prevention bracelet from Budget 101 might be a genius way to keep track of when it's time to add more sunscreen. It's worth a try!

Did you know you can crochet your own set of reusable water balloons? Let Left in Knots show you how.

Chocolate chip cookie ice cream cones, where have you been all my life? Thanks to Ashlee Marie for the next few pounds.

If you give a mouse a cookie cone, he's going to want some ice cream to go in it. This mermaid version from Home Made Interest looks like a good option.

The gelato in Italy is smooth and just the right amount of sweet. In fact, there's a flavor called zuppa inglese that I don't know how to not have in my life. It tastes like eggnog, with pieces of dark chocolate. Of course, my first reaction to realizing that was to come home and search for recipes. In my search I came across this book by Morgan Morano that looks like it's full of good recipes. I don't have it yet, but it's sitting in my Amazon cart.

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