Friday Favorites No. 334

I'm the membership chair for my local quilt guild. We had our monthly board meeting this week, where one of our biggest topics was our upcoming quilt show. Being a newer guild, it's our first one and it got me wondering what the statistics are when it comes to these. Have you been to a quilt show? If not, why? What are you looking for when you attend? I'd love to hear your feedback on this topic (if you're not comfortable leaving a public comment, feel free to email me at It's mostly for my own curiosity, but it might help us out with our planning!

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My husband and son have both purchased new vehicles in the last year. I've never seen either of them so careful with a car. The attention to detail is unprecedented. Maybe they each need this car washing kit from Crafting Chicks. That is, if they weren't fully stocked on car care products already.

Okay, I'll admit this one is a little too high on the woodworking skills scale for most of us, but I'm just amazed that it's possible to make a wooden tape measure. Let ClenseYourPallet on Instructables walk you through the steps.

I had to share this recipe for french onion soup from Food Network today because I actually made it a few days ago. It was delicious! The only things I did differently is that I used white wine instead of red and dried thyme instead of fresh, both because it was what I had on hand. We ate some the day it was made, but it was even better when we finished it off two days later!

Nothing says summer like ice cream, and I love the idea of making these ice cream bars from Leite's Culinaria with any toppings your heart desires.

This is called a Wrist Ruler and they're made right here in Oregon by I Love Handles. It's a leather bracelet accurately marked with both inches and centimeters. I don't know how many times I've tracked down a quilting ruler in the fabric or craft store because I needed to measure something. I just need to choose a color and this will be on its way to me!

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