Friday Favorites No. 335

If all goes well, we'll be celebrating Father's Day this weekend by finally seeing the new Wonder Woman movie. I can't believe it's been out this long already and we haven't been. As a lifelong fan, I hope it lives up to both the hype and my high expectations - especially for the sake of the guy spending his big day watching it!

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I think my husband would have had as much fun building this sprinkler relay from Lil' Luna as the kids would have had playing with it when they were little. In fact, all of that is probably still true, although we'd need to make sure it's a bit taller these days.

My son had no oven mitts in his kitchen when we visited, so you can imagine the first thing I made when I got home. He has giant paws, so I searched for a pattern in an extra-large size. Hopeful Threads saved the day with this one.

Not only does this cold cut sub made in a bundt pan from 4 Sons 'R Us seem like it would be great for a group, but it's essentially a giant doughnut sandwich. What dad wouldn't love that?

The idea behind these taco shells is to avoid carbs, but it's taco shells made of CHEESE! This has got to be delicious. Thanks to Hip2Save for the recipe!

If you're looking for a last minute gift for Dad, and he happens to be a workshop kind of guy, this downloadable design from LighthousePaperCoNC on Etsy is a great idea. You can cut it with a Silhouette or a Cricut and make him a handmade sign in no time.

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