Friday Favorites No. 337

With Independence Day right around the corner, it only seems right that my favorites this week are all of the red, white and blue variety. Any big plans for the holiday? It's a little rough that it's on a Tuesday. Personally, I'll be doing a civilian ride-along with my husband, so I'm sure I'll see plenty of fireworks!

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Doesn't everyone end up with a few of those big red or blue plastic cups hanging around from the last party? Now you can literally hang them around with this tutorial from I Can Teach My Child.

Pineapples are everywhere right now, but I've never seen them used quite like they are in this cute quilt from Jedi Crafty Girl.

I love the idea of using these printable trivia cards from Yellow Bliss Road as an icebreaker at the party. The cute utensil holders are definitely a bonus.

Cupcakes are always welcome in my house, but what I really love about this version from Oh Nuts is the marshmallow firecracker on top.

As I've told you all a hundred times, I can't crochet, but if I could this afghan pattern from ambassadorcrochet on Etsy would be on my wishlist. Actually, it probably is anyway.

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