Friday Favorites No. 338

I can almost guarantee that the whole Christmas in July thing was invented by a maker. I found myself in the fabric store last week, buying holiday prints. I mentioned how early it felt, but the store employee who was cutting it pointed out that if I waited even another couple of weeks all the cutest would be gone. And you can bet I've been in my sewing room this week, turning those same prints into holiday vendor aprons (coming to my shop soon!)

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This hot weather might not be very motivating when it comes to exercise, but this sports bra pattern from So Sew Easy might give you a little boost in that direction.

This heart shaped pin made from a necktie, as shown on Craft Stylish, would be the perfect accent to my favorite denim jacket.

Granted, anyone can get my attention by using the words "Pina Colada" but doesn't this trifle from the Oriental Trading blog look delicious?

For years I thought I didn't like beer. It turns out I'm just a beer snob and there are some really tasty options out there. One of my favorites is a good stout, so add cheesecake to it and freeze it into a fudgesicle like The Beeroness has done and I'm more than willing to give it a try.

I have fairly long hair, and in the summer I quickly run out of things to do with it. I usually default to a boring ponytail. I think it's time to up my hair accessory game with this cute wrap from VACATIONHOUSE on Etsy.

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