Friday Favorites No. 339

There's been lots of talk around here lately about the upcoming solar eclipse. There are parts of Oregon that are prime viewing areas. I'm not in one of those spots, but I'm just hoping we can see it. Those notorious Oregon clouds have definitely been know to show up in August, especially in the mornings. If that happens I'll be doubly glad I'm not one of those people paying a crazy amount of money for a hotel room or camping spot. My plan is to step outside, check it out, then back to making!

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If your kids are already bored this summer, help them make a new eight-legged buddy with this tutorial from While She Naps.

We went to an outdoor showing of one of my favorites movies, The Princess Bride, last summer. It was so fun! If you'd like to give it a try at home visit My Frugal Adventures to learn how to make this big screen.

We're probably not quite to that part of the year where everyone is trying to find takers for their crop of zucchini, but it's coming. Tuck this recipe away from Peas and Crayons for when that time arrives and you'll want to hang onto more of them than you give away.

Lemons are available year round, but they're extra special in the summer. This lemon curd from Your Homebased Mom looks perfect for a summer dessert.

In the interest of full disclosure, AdwoaDesign purchased a vendor apron from me recently, but after I had a look at her shop (and Instagram) I knew I had to feature her cute shop here. Everybody say it with me...awwwwww!

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