Friday Favorites No. 322

I recently did one of those home DNA tests where you spit in a tube and they tell you where your ancestors were from. After I got the results I took advantage of a two week free trial to wade through records and try to determine my heritage. After I had gone as far down that rabbit hole as I had time for, I learned two things.

One, the Native American blood I'd always been told I have, I do not. I am exactly 0% Native American. That doesn't mean it's not in my family line, but none of it made it's way to me. 

Two, I am almost entirely Irish, Scottish and English. We're talking potentially around 88% (29% is definitely Ireland), and for sure 99% European. There's some minor royalty in there, war heroes, a scoundrel or two and at least one castle. I'm hoping for a visit in the future.

So, I can honestly and definitively say I'm not just Irish today, but everyday. According to the company I used for my test, two out of three DNA test takers find they have at least 5% Irish in their results as well. That means there's a good chance that you are too.  Let's celebrate!

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Let's start off with a little fabric barrette to keep you from getting pinched, from right here on Crafty Staci!

I always feel a little guilty about throwing away the little scraps when I'm sewing, but Just Jude has a fun way you can use even the tiniest bits. Since hers is an older post, I looked up the water soluble fabric she mentions and it's still available.

This bookmark from Tikkido would be a great gift between girls of a certain age, and imagine all the color possibilities with that tail. Today, I'm thinking a rainbow.

This dessert from Amanda's Cookin' looks so fluffy and delicious. There's even a little green in there.

I've always thought this Irish blessing was lovely, but I particularly love the colors in the art that mallorylynndecor on Etsy used for this version.

You can find these, and my previous Friday Favorites, on my Crafty Staci’s Friday Favorites Pinterest board!

Friday Favorites–St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve spent my entire life thinking I had some Irish ancestry, even on days other than St. Patrick’s.  As it turns out, I’m more likely Scottish.  I even have a family castle and a once-every-seven-year reunion in the homeland.  I’m also a distant relative of Sean Connery.  As exciting as all that is, it’s a little disappointing too.  I liked being able to claim a little legitimacy in my Kiss Me, I’m Irish pin.  But aren’t we all just a little bit Irish this time of year?

First of all, just for fun, here’s the castle:

Duart Castle

I don’t think they’re going to let me move in anytime soon, but I might be lucky enough to visit one day.

10 St. Patrick's Day DIYs - Crafty Staci

Corned beef and cabbage is really an American version of Irish food, but dishes like this Authentic Irish Colcannon from Boulder Locavore are much more traditional.

Authentic Irish Colcannon by Boulder Locavore

I love the simplicity of this St. Patrick’s Day Clover Canvas Art from Lovely Clusters.  I actually think this would work outside of the holiday as well.

St Patrick's Clover Canvas Art by Lovely Clusters

How fun are these Leprechaun Hat S’mores from Hostess with the Mostess?

Sometimes basic and inexpensive projects wind up being the most impressive, like these Thrifty Hurricanes from Two Twenty One.

Thrifty Hurricanes by Two Twenty One

This Leprechaun Crunch from Yesterday on Tuesday looks fun and tasty, but what I want to know is, who has to eat all of the Lucky Charms with no marshmallows?!?

Leprechaun Crunch by Yesterday on Tuesday

Again, so simple, but this Leafy Spring Wreath from Dollar Store Crafts would be perfect for a subtle St. Patrick’s Day decoration.

Leafy Spring Wreath by Dollar Store Crafts

I know some kids who would enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day Coin Dig from The Pleasantest Thing.  And I know one who hates getting messy and really, really wouldn’t.

St Patrick's Day Gold Dig by Pleasantest Thing

These Shamrock Cupcakes from Easy Cake Decorating are just brilliant.

I think the hardest part of this felt St. Patrick’s Day Garland from A Subtle Revelry would be cutting out all those shamrocks.

Easy St Patrick's Day Garland by A Subtle Revelry

I think the photo says it all when it comes to this Pistachio Pound Cake from The Candid Appetite.

Pistachio Pound Cake by The Candid Appetite

Go find someone to pinch (on Monday!)

Friday Favorites–St. Patrick’s Day

When I was a kid, I was Irish, among other things.  Later, someone in the family determined that with our “Mc” last name, we were Scottish.  Eventually, we were Irish again.  I honestly can’t tell you where it last landed, but come March 17th I go with Irish every time. I’m not usually one to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day, but I love this Stenciled St. Patrick’s Day Pillow from Burton Avenue.  I’d have a hard time putting it away on the 18th.

Shamrock Stamp Pillow 5

This yarn-wrapped clover from GoodBye City Hello Suburbs also caught my eye.


So, maybe I need to consider decorating, because I also think these Paper Shamrocks from Hoosier Homemade are cute.  I really like the two layers of different paper.


It’s all about the wearing of the green, right?  Try these St. Patrick’s Day Shirts from Keeping It Simple on for size.

st. patrick shirt (8)_thumb[5]

If you want to share a little St. Patrick’s Day, check out these Leprechaun Hat Favours from Canadian Living.


It’s funny how we spend all summer fighting the clover that tries to creep into our lawn, but it’s the star on St. Patrick’s Day.  Show a little clover love with these DIY Four Leaf Clover Stamps on Prudent Baby.


If you’re looking for an easy, tasty snack for the kids, try these Rainbow Wrapped Marshmallows from Smart School House.

Rainbow Wrapped Marshmallows1

I haven’t tried anything with matcha myself, but it seems to be everywhere I look lately.  These Matcha White Chocolate Pistachio Cups from Sweetest Kitchen seem like a good place to start.


Check out this Skinny Shamrock Shake from Skinny Mom.  All the St. Patrick’s Day fun with less guilt.


If you’ve never made cream puffs, you ought to give it a try.  They’re far easier than they look.  Flex those cream puff muscles on these St. Patrick’s Day Cream Puffs from Mrs. Fields.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the House McCrafty!

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Friday Favorites–St Patrick’s Day

I like green.  It’s not my favorite color, but it’s very high on the list.  My birthstone is emerald.  I live in Oregon, the greenest state there is.  So, why is it every year I find myself searching for something green for St. Patrick’s Day?

It only takes a little bit of green to make yourself pinch-proof and this Green Box Elder Wood Inlay Ring from Etsy seller jewelrybyjohan is the perfect amount.


This Shamrock Quilt Block from Quilting Works could be using in a festive table runner and would be a fun way to use up some green scraps.


Remember Push Pops?  My kids loved those things when they were little.  They probably wouldn’t mind graduating to these Irish Cream Push Pops from Hoosier Homemade.


This Shamrock Wreath from Spare Time Sanity looks fun and easy to make.


Maybe you’re just looking for a small, simple acknowledgement of the holiday.  Check out these Shamrock Straw Toppers from Martha Stewart.


Or maybe, since it’s on a Saturday this year, you’re going all out with a party.  Sheek Shindigs has lots of inexpensive ideas for a DIY St. Patrick’s Day Party Table.


I had never heard of a Leprechaun trap until my daughter made one in kindergarten.  Apparently, they’re sneaky little guys and must be caught.  Family Fun has some clever ways To Catch a Leprechaun.


This St. Patty’s Day Cake from I Am Baker is gorgeous, and I can imagine it in all kinds of colors for other occasions.


If you’re looking for just a little bit ‘o green you can take with you, here’s a Luck of the Irish Key Fob from Buttons Galore and More.


I can’t decide if it would be more fun to serve these Potato Petit Fours from Sprinkle Bakes on St. Patrick’s Day or April Fools.

Sprinklebakes sprinkle bakes potato petit fours

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…don’t get pinched and be safe!

Friday Favorites–St. Patrick’s Day

Because my maiden name starts with a “Mc” I think I can safely claim some Irish blood.  But who doesn’t this time of year?  This week’s Friday Favorites is dedicated to the day for the wearing of the green.

What is it about putting eyes and a tiny smile on something that makes it adorable?  If I could crochet, I’d make these I’ll Let You Borrow My Four Leaf Clovers from Alicia Kachmar.


It’s not Friday Favorites if there’s nothing made out of felt.  These Shamrock Barrettes from Holiday Crafts and Creations would keep the pinchers away.


St. Patrick’s Day is a little light on the decorations, compared to some other holidays.  Most of them go in the green shamrock direction, but it’s nice to see someone take on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  This Rainbow Pot by Marie LeBaron on Craft is a great kid project.


And I also like this different version on Make and Takes (Marie’s blog!).


I like cute skulls.  There, I said it.  These Irish to the Bone Greeting Cards from OnCupcakeMoon on Etsy are adorable, like everything in her shop.


Food is another area that’s hard to cover for St. Patrick’s Day, especially if you aren’t a fan of green beer or corned beef.  I think these Pretzel Shamrocks from On a Whimm do a good job of filling the void.


One of the key features of St. Patrick’s Day is wearing green, and what better way to do it than with these Shamrock Chic T-Shirts from iCandy Handmade.


A Leprechaun Beard from No Time for Flash Cards.  I don’t think I need to say anything more.