Friday Favorites–Babies

I think the further you get from your own kids’ baby years, the cuter other peoples’ babies get.  I can’t walk by anyone under about three years old without at least an “Awww"!” in my head.  My husband is stopped dead in his tracks by the ones who are either too small to walk or just starting to learn.  We lean over and whisper and subtly (I hope!) point them out.  We have friends who are expecting on Monday, and we’re trying to figure out the appropriate waiting period before we baby-stalk.

Crazy Little Projects used three different tutorials to make this Baby Girl Peasant Dress Ensemble, and she has links to each of them.  What I really love about this is the fact that the dress and burp cloth coordinate!  I never thought to do that, but you can bet I will now.


These Sweet Sweater Slippers from Collecting the Moments are much easier than they look.  I kinda love the little police car embellishment.


Fancy Frugal Life shares her version of this Birth Announcement Onesie.  This is such a cute idea for an announcement photo.

Birth Announcement Onesie 2

My daughter was only two when my son came along, so I’m not sure she completely understood what was happening, but for an older brother or sister this Big Sibling Kit from Ducks in a Row would be a great gift.


Pacifier clips aren’t new, but I don’t remember them being as cute as these from How About Orange.


My very favorite baby-related item, always, is shoes.  The tinier the better.  These Cowboy Boots from OrangeShooze on Ravelry are beyond words.


This Stroller Bag from Lemonade and Lollypops is just smart.

Stroller Bag 2

While you’re stepping up the pretty on your stroller, why not make the canopy to match?  This tutorial from Honey & Fitz is for a specific brand, but could be adapted for others.


Before you know it, it will be cold enough for these adorable Baby Mittens from Speckled Owl Studio.

Screen shot 2012-04-21 at 3.52.06 PM

Come back on Monday to see what I made for the new little bundle that’s on her way!

Minky Baby Quilts

It isn’t every day I walk into the post office to find someone holding up an adorable baby blanket, so when it happened a couple of weeks ago, it definitely caught my attention. 


The lovely woman who made this blanket is Nola Belding.  You have to see the back too.  I love the swirly quilting.


It turns out, Nola has made LOTS of these little cuties and has some great advice to share about using Minky.  If you haven’t used it before, it really is worth giving a try.  I was terrified the first time, but my project turned out great and I was hooked.

With my thanks, take it away Nola!

* Watch out, Minky is addicting!  It is so soft, I just love it!  Babies and kids love it!  Testimony from my gift recipients include "We need another one because he doesn't want to give it up to be washed".  Another family reports about having to make 40 mile trip to get the forgotten blankee.   And "I need a bigger one, because his feet stick out and he won't sleep with anything else"  I've probably made over 40 Minky blankees, so yes, I am an addict. 

* Minky is messy.   I just give up and vacuum the whole room when I'm done.   (But once it's sewn, it washes great, and doesn't pill or shed)

* Minky is slippery and stretchy.  A "walking foot" is helpful, but don't be afraid to try it without one - just use more pins, especially if one of the fabrics is more stretchy than the other.   (pin every few inches if needed)

* Some minky fabrics tend to roll on the edge.  I usually need more than a quarter inch seam when sewing with minky.    The walking foot helps to flatten out the roll, and I usually just line up the seam with the edge of the walking foot.  (probably less than 1/2 inch) 

* Minky is substantial enough - so it is usually better NOT to use a batting.  For that reason, you can quilt it a little or even not at all.   Sometimes I just take two pretty Minky fabrics, pin and sew them right sides together leaving a small opening.  Turn and you're almost done.   I like to hand stitch the opening and then sew about 1 inch from the edge for a nice finish.  SOOO Easy!   And sometimes I just put the minky on the back and a pieced quilt on the front. 

* Minky comes in different qualities.  I suggest buying it in person or buying a brand name (for example Cuddle is ok to buy online).  JoAnn's  (Regular price $13 to $15/yard) often has Soft and Comfy on sale for 40% off, or you can use a coupon for 50% one cut of fabric.   The JoAnn's Soft & Comfy is stretchier and not a plush as Cuddle, but often quite a bit less expensive.    The regular prices on the good quality minky fabrics are sometimes almost $20/yard, but with coupons or sales, I can usually get it for much less.  I like to go look at (and touch!) the fabrics in the stores, and then if I recognize that print/brand later online, it should be the same quality.  (The problem I had was with Minky dot fabric - hard to tell the quality online).  

* Minky comes in 60 inch widths.  So you can make two small blankees with one yard each of two different colors (could finish to about 28 x 34)  or maybe get 1 1/4 yard of the each color to make a bigger blankee.  (could finish to 43 x 58)  

Tips for the flower blankee:

* For the flower petals and leaves, draw shapes on muslin or other lightweight fabric.   Cut out  loosely around shapes (Not right on lines).   Pin to minky  ( a bigger piece than the back because it shifts so easy)  with right sides together.  Stitch on lines around petal, leaving opening at small end.   Trim and turn right sides out.   Repeat for all petals and leaves.    (Or can make a Template and cut several layers at once if you have several shapes the same remembering to allow for seam allowance.) 

* For center circles, stitch all the way around.  Trim and clip seam so that it is smoother when turned right side out.   Then cut a hole in  middle of backing big enough to turn right side out.  

* For stem, fold long strip of fabric in half lengthwise.   Find a shoestring or any other strong string that is longer than the stem.  Place string inside fold so it shows a little on both ends.  Sew across one end and also across shoestring, turn corner and sew along raw edges but not catching string (tucked inside).    Leave other end open with string hanging out.    Then pull on shoestring and  it will turn right side out.   Undo or cut off piece sewn into other end.  

* Cut backing a few inches larger than front.  Put wrong sides together centering on back.   Fold back one side at a time and spray '505'* in between to baste together the two layers.    This helps stabilize the minky so that it acts more like a regular fabric.   (* or other spray basting following directions about ventilation and overspray). 

* Pin stems, leaves and flower petals to front.    Sew through all layers on edges of petals, leaves and stems.  (Tuck ends of leaves under stems before sewing stems)  Leave circles off and hand sew after all other  machine applique is done to cover raw edges of flower petals.   If the backing fabric (muslin) peeks out, try to tuck it under while sewing the edges of the petals.  Or pre-sew a tuck in the backing of the petals and leaves to deal with some of the extra fabric. 

* If there is enough fabric from the backing to fold (twice) and turn to front for binding, that is what I usually do.   I cut off a diagonal piece on each corner to help with the mitered corners.

* OR cut all edges even and bind as usual for a quilt with a contrasting color of binding.  

*  After binding is done, then add additional quilting, if desired.  (It helps to use large simple designs and to stay away from edges)  (Free-motion foot is helpful for designs like hearts, stars or swirls.)  Sometimes I even quilt in the baby's name. 

*  When finished wash to remove basting spray.

Good luck and have fun!  Remember that minky is wonderful even if it is not sewn perfect.

Nola Belding, Sisters, OR

Thanks so much Nola, for sharing your blanket and your great advice!

Friday Favorites–Babies

Ok, they aren’t only my favorites on Fridays. I love babies any day of the week.  But there seems to be a lot of craft bloggers out there right now who are expecting or the little bundle has recently arrived, so this seems like a good time to share with you some of the cute baby-related things I’ve found lately.  Makes me a little nostalgic for when mine were little. 

This first project may have caught my eye because she used my newfound love – red and turquoise, but these Boutique Style Bibs from Lots of Pink Here would be cute in any color.


I’m pretty sure nothing I can say about these Cowboy Boots from Nap Time Crafter would do them justice.


Babies like to grab stuff, and they like it to be interesting to touch.  This Tagged Star from Sew a Straight Line fits the bill.


It’s been a while since my kids were babies, but I do remember they like to be wrapped up tight.  This Receiving Blanket Baby Wrap from Shannon Makes Stuff is a clever way to get the job done.


I’ve seen several versions of these Boys Applique Tie Onesies, but the little stripes on these from Brassy Apple just make them so much cuter.


These breastfeeding pillows were invented about five seconds after I was done needing them, but they’re brilliant all the same, as is this Breastfeeding Pillowcase from Make Your Own Baby Stuff.


And while we’re on the subject of breastfeeding, I also remember going through an awful lot of those disposable nursing pads.  Why didn’t I think to make my own Reusable Nursing Pads like the Hipster Hostess?


I’ve seen the diaper cakes, but next time I get a reason to make one, I’m going with this Diaper Tricycle from Southern Fried Gal.


Nothing says “baby gift” like a rattle…especially one you’ve made yourself.  Visit The Polka-Dot Umbrella for this adorable Soft Rattle.


I don’t think a diaper bag can have too many pockets.  In fact, there have been times I’ve been tempted to buy one just to carry my own stuff in.  Thanks to The Polka Dot Chair at Moda Bake Shop, I can make my own.


I’m going to have to find a baby to borrow.

Play Mat Baby Quilt

I mentioned the Gingerbread Biscotti from the baby shower my husband and I threw earlier this week.  The parents-to-be are two of the sweetest people we know, so I really wanted to make something special for the baby.

I haven’t made a baby quilt for years, so it was time.  My husband helped me search through the fabric store for ideas (yes, he is awesome) and found a play mat panel.  Mom is a police officer and dad is a pilot and this particular panel happened to have a police department AND an airport as part of it’s little city.  It was meant to be.

The play mat is cotton, but is a little stiffer than traditional quilting fabric.  When he gets a little older, it will be great to drive his Hot Wheels on, but it might be a little rough for him to lay on when he’s small.  To make up for that, I backed it with Minkee.  If you’ve never touched Minkee, or one of the many other brands of this cuddly fabric, go now and find some.  It’s like they took the lightest, fluffiest whipped cream ever and made it into fabric.  I want to line the inside of all of my clothes with it.

Baby Quilt 1

I added a border around the panel, which involved way too much math and graph paper.  I quilted around all the buildings and down the roads, so it had a slight 3-D effect after it was washed.

Baby Quilt 2

I had a little of the backing fabric left, so I made the football from Make and Takes that I mentioned in my last Friday Favorites.  It’s a very easy pattern and worked great with the Minky.

Baby Quilt 3

Mom and Dad seemed to like everything, but now I’m anxious to see what Baby thinks!